19 May 2011

Where's Flightfire When You Need Him?

Obviously, I rub elbows with a lot of Doctors.
Three of 'em are what I would at least call "close associates"...
Two of 'em I'd actually call close friends.
All are disheartened with the Obama "Health care reform" system.
Two are retiring early, and the other would retire if it was financially feasible.
Thank you, Flightfire and Rodolfo, for your enthusiastic support of the destruction of our admittedly flawed, but wonderful health care system.
You've made your bed. Now lay in it.


cary said...

Those two will probably be first in line to complain about the lack of doctors once obamacouldnotcareless goes into effect, and they will blame US for not "warning" them.

They can just stuff it.

Rita said...

Don't know about Rodolfo, but I'd bet Flightfire is busy deciding which patient he should withhold medical care because it's not cost-effective to keep them alive, as he suggested. Glad he's not my doc.

cj said...

They're too embarrassed to raise their heads...