20 May 2011

I Support Israel

I'm flabbergasted.
Is this president(?) just stupid, or did he do extremely poorly in his history courses?

He's meeting face-to-face today with the leader of Israel, a genuine war hero. It's truly my hope that when he emerges from that meeting he looks somewhat like the idiot pictured above, and claims he slipped and fell down the stairs.

Our leaders are living in Seinfeld's "Bizarro World".
(Sarah Silverman, please call me. I'd like to discuss your vote in the last presidential election.)


Scotty said...

I'm not surprised, I'm more surprised it took him this long to say what he did. Most on the left hate Israel.

But not to fear, you've more than likely seen it by now, Bibi put our President down rather well in public!!

BTW Welcome Home, brother

Americal Division
Charlie Co. 3/1
11th Light Infantry Brigade
Quang Ngai Province
FSB 4-11

Bump said...

Grey . . This guy Obama has a high IQ but acts like a moron with a broken teleprompter. Why? Where lies the blame? It causes one to look at his background doesn't it. Oh, I almost forgot that nobody knows much about his personal history. I guess I'm overly curious but I sometimes wonder how a poor kid with an absent father and otherwise dysfunctional family managed to pay for such an expensive education. Was there a hidden rich uncle or somebody like George Soros helping him? Is that why he doesn't want anyone asking questions? Hmmm. . . Bump

the golden horse said...

His actions in past says it all, so this isn't a shock to me. Look how he treated the Israeli leader the last time he was in the WH. Obama left him sitting there for hours, while he and went to dine and never offered the leader a meal.
His constant pandering to the muslims and the making of all our enemies tells me lots.
I think he has finally shot himself in the foot though.

It would be nice to have a decent MSM that would ask questions, but they are all like a bowl of jello.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Bibi actually had the temerity to "lecture" Obama. I have to admit, that was probably the rudest public treatment of a sitting American president by the head of state of another nation that I have ever witnessed in my 60+ years.

That said, Obama deserved every molecule of his public excoriation. "That's not going to happen" was a PERFECT line.

This again indicates how precisely IGNORANT and indefensibly NAIVE is our current president.

Did Obama think that he was going to dictate, in PUBLIC, border terms to an independent Western nation and expect no rejoinder, likewise in public -- particularly when Obama can't and won't control his own border on the south?

Literally, Obama was LECTURED-to by Netanyahu. It is embarrassing, for me, to watch this.

But the insipid Obama DESERVED every bit of public slapping he received.


Anonymous said...

I think Obammie got everything he deserved, after the statements he has made. It was done in a intelligent and dignified manner.

In reference Obammie's IQ, well, it is only speculation he has a high IQ, no one has seen any colloege grades of his.
If he is so good, how come he can't even talk to a classroom of grade schoolers without his teleprompter.