16 May 2011


You have the advantage of looking at the picture from the side. From the kitchen window of the condo we were just looking at the rear of the machine. It sure LOOKED like a Harley-Davidson...
Looked enough like one that my Harley-riding nephew thought it was one. And we wondered how it got parked that close without us taking notice.

After breakfast I went out to take a look. One of the first things I always look at is the final drive, and this one surprised me when I observed its drive-shaft...
It ain't a Harley.
The owner saw me admiring his bike and came out to chat.
"What's the displacement?"
"1300cc's. And if you didn't notice, it's a V-4."
I didn't notice.
Sure enough... four exhaust pipes. Water cooled. Shaft drive.

I wonder how smooth the darned engine is?
I can tell you this much...
If it had been a Harley, we almost certainly would have heard it pull in.

I feel a test-drive coming in my future.
(It's a Yamaha Royal Star Venture.)


Timothy Frazier said...

But have you seen this yet? http://www.motusmotorcycles.com/

Greybeard said...

Saw that over at Dale's Blog, Tim. Have you seen pricing on the thing yet? Dealer/Service stuff would be a problem with 'em right now, but I hope they make it...
We need more "Made in America".

The Old Man said...

Yee-hah, bro. When your inventory hits six, I'll grab my checkbook and come visit ya.
BTW - we're going to be in S Ohio for a week at the end of June. You and SJ up for a road trip to visit?

Mali said...

Another wonderull tourer is the BMW K1200LT. It's pricy but a beautiful machine.

cary said...

I can tell you in one word how it rides, bro:


Anonymous said...

Let me add my 2 cents here.....I have the Vulcan Voyager 1700........much less maintenance than the Yamahas!

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

So, have you found one to test ride? Or one to purchase?

Tim, I read about the Motus in the mags. Looks very nice but will, I suspect, be highly In Obscurum.


Greybeard said...

@Old Man-
Send me the particulars and I'll start looking at my schedule. We might be able to head that way.

What about vibration levels with that big twin? I can handle some vibration for short jaunts, but on long cruises the vibe level is important to me.

I kinda got orders from HQ that I cannot consider another bike purchase until I sell my older 'Wing. (She thinks three bikes is more than enough in our garage, and I gotta say I see her point.)
If/when I buy another tourer, I'll probably be replacing the newer 'Wing with it.
At this point I'm lookin' to buy something to use to zip around locally...
Something air cooled and simple like a Sportster, smaller BMW, or 500cc Guzzi. But that purchase will have to wait on the sale of the '87 'Wing.