23 April 2011

A Silver Bubble?

A caring friend just sent me a cautionary email with an attached audio clip. The audio clip warned that we might be looking at a "parabolic rise" in the price of silver, and if that's the case, that would indicate a "bubble", and bubbles always collapse.
Yeah. I agree with that.
So what?

In that audio clip he refers to the Gold bubble that happened back in 1979, (which I was VERY aware of at the time and had discretionary funds I could have trebled my money on, had I acted on what my gut was telling me.)
But let's pursue this issue further-
Let's say you bought Gold at the absolute top of that "bubble"... around $825/oz or so if my memory serves me. Let's say you bought 10 ounces at that lofty price, shelling out $8250. What would that gold be worth today?
Gold closed Friday at $1504/oz, so your horrible 1979 purchase at the top of the bubble would now be worth $15,040. Not the greatest return on investment, but still, not a net loss. Many have done worse. Much worse.

And there's the point of one of the commercials we often see today-
"Gold has never been worth zero."
And never will be, either.

I often stress I'm obviously not an investment expert, and suggest you do your own research to learn what's best for you. But I also think we are looking at economic conditions that look a great deal like scenarios we've seen before in history, and you should be researching those too so you know what happened then and what is likely to happen in the not-too-distant future.

Gold and silver may be "in a bubble", and maybe my friend is right... maybe you would be better spending your hard-earned cash in other areas. I'd even agree with the purchase of some other, cheaper metals... brass, copper, and lead, combined in a certain way (if you know what I mean).
Shelter, food, water, and other "collapse" preparations could all be a smart way to spend your money.

And the important thing?
Like gold and silver, no matter what, those things will STILL have value and won't go to waste.
And if history repeats itself?
You'll be surviving while others aren't.

Be prepared, or be a victim.

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