10 April 2011


With the dramatic increase in the price of gasoline you can no longer afford to fill your tank so you and your six kids can go to the rally for President(?) Obama?
How sad.
But wait! Mr. Awesome has a GREAT idea!
Go buy a new Hybrid Van!
Except there are a couple major problems there, aren't there?
-If ya can't afford to buy a tank of gas, how are you gonna afford to buy a new vehicle?
(Oh wait... since Congress pushed legislation through to make it possible for folks to buy houses they couldn't afford, maybe they could do the same for cars?! Yeah, that'll work.)

-When you show up at your local dealership and ask to see their latest and greatest 8-passenger hybrid Van, you'll get a blank stare in return...
There ain't such an animal.

But just remember... our President(?) is COOL, man!

An aside-
I finally got angry enough to call my Congressman's office Friday to find out when he'll be in the area so I can talk with him personally. It would be understatement to say his subordinate who answered the phone was evasive.
"We're not sure when he'll be returning home."
Democrat Representatives are crapping their pants. We Tea Partiers have their FULL, UNDIVIDED attention, to say the least.

Call your Representative tomorrow morning.
Tell them how you feel about the ongoing budget fiasco.
Tell them how you feel about their slimy threats to stop paying our troops.
Tell them how you feel about Obamacare.
Tell them how you feel about THEM!
Tell them your vote in the next election is dependent on their taking their heads out of where it's dark, warm, moist, and terrible smelling.

To the 52% of you that voted for Hope and Change...
Where's the change?
Where's MY HOPE?!!


The Old Man said...

Take no prisoners, brotha. Slit your pillows and heat the tar....

Old NFO said...

I have been, trust me...