17 April 2011

Question 67 & 68...

Birth records.
College records.
Harvard Law Review records.
Passport/Visa records.
Fraudulent Social Security account?

And now questions are popping up about Obama's Selective Service registration.
Still, we have no major news media coverage about all these questions.
Can you think of any logical reason for such a media blackout when there are so many unanswered questions about this guy?
I can.
And that fact should terrify everyone about the future of our land.
(Thanks Suzan.)


Timothy Frazier said...

What adds to the terror is the fact that the majority of so-called right wing republicans have ignored these questions and simply "shrugged" them off as the ideas of crazy conspiracy theorists.

Time for folks to realize that the republicans are not friends of individual liberty any more than the democrats are.

They all love the system that keeps them in power and do not want it to change, despite what they say.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

"Birthers." That's what they're called. Like "flat earthers." So to even speak about the topic is quite verboten. The DEM/MSM does its best to ignore the topic except to point the light of NUTJOB on this who want answers, and the fellow hail-fellow-well-met Republicans bend elbows in their favorite DC watering holes with the friends the Demorats.

Don't rock the boat, just keep them paychecks coming, taxpayers!


the golden horse said...

I am like you. Why so many questions coming from so many sources. A real reporter would be anxious to reveal the truth.
If this had been about Bush, the media would have been all over it like hair on an ape.
Look at the lies that were created just on his service record alone.
Which, by the way, I read through, many should be that lucky to have his record, and found nothing amiss.
So, you have to wonder,is the media wanting a socialistic country, or are they too anal to actually find out the truth? Gone are the days of even media coverage and the days where truths were printed to the best of their ability.
The media, to me, has lost all creditability. They are nothing.