11 April 2011

I'm No Investing Expert.

...But for some reason, folks come to me with questions and I'm frequently shocked to find they are allocating their dollars in areas where they have NO knowledge.
After emphasizing the title of this post I ask these questions:
What is your risk tolerance?
Do you know the meaning of these basic terms:
-Dollar cost averaging.

Get comfortable with those terms and you'll have a good start. And you shouldn't be investing in anything, not even the safest of Mutual Funds, until you understand those four terms.

This is the easiest to read, basic, enjoyable book I've read and recommend for folks to better understand the "what's and why's" of investing. The book will help you allocate your 401k and IRA money, but you should still be concentrating right now on the necessities:
Guns. Ammunition. Defendable shelter. Food. Water. Something to use as money when you're using greenbacks to start fires.

As I type this, silver is over $41/oz.
Even naysayers are beginning to take notice.
Be prepared, or be a victim.

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