10 December 2010

Room For One More?

Almost there.
I'm getting fairly comfortable with my arsenal. If your intent is to bring harm to my family I can "reach out and touch you" from long, medium, short, and VERY SHORT distances.

I actually did something that caused me some pause a couple weeks ago...

I had two revolvers in .357 caliber, both with relatively short barrels.
I carried the one with the longer barrel in a shoulder holster when I was a Deputy flying the Bell 47 more than 30 years ago. Fellow fling-winger Dan heard I might sell one of my .357's and expressed interest. I decided
to hang on to the more concealable of the two magnums and sold him my old service piece. It hurt a little to give it up, but I had just bought the Glock 26 for Sara Jean and two .357's seemed like one too many.

I have/had a "belly gun", a Freedom Arms five-shot revolver in .22 Magnum. Sara Jean saw it and it immediately became HER belly gun.
So I'm back in the market for one and will accept whatever advice you can give.

I'm considering the derringer pictured above, the Bond Arms "Snake Slayer".
It's chambered for either the .410 shot-shell or .45 Long Colt, and would serve as a good "give me time to get to my bigger handgun" piece.
Anyone have experience with them, personally or indirectly?
I might have to deal with some "snakes" soon.

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Timothy Frazier said...

I've played with one at the range with the six ball shot rounds. Just my opinion and not based on scientific data, but it sprayed really wide and unless you're jamming it straight down the bad guys throat before pulling the trigger I doubt it would have more effect than stinging them, even with the large shot self defense rounds they sell for it. You'd be better off with squeezing multiple shots out of a small .380 than this two-shot blaster.

BUT... this round for the .410 looks intriguing: http://www.winchester.com/Products/New-Products/Pages/pdx1-410.aspx