22 December 2010

3000... Finally?

I can't remember the form number...
DD-175? DA-175?
It's the form the ARMY kept to show details of flight time.
During my 22 years in the U.S. ARMY and Reserve I flew various models of the Huey-
The UH-1B,C,D,H,&M, along with a little time in the AH-1G Cobra.
When my ARMY wings were put away for good and I reviewed my records I was shocked when I looked at the total UH-1 time: 2,999 hours.
Does that number really mean anything? Of course not. But it would have been nice to tell others "I have 3,000 hours in Hueys" without fudging even that tiny bit.

Today I got a note from an old mechanic friend who knows my situation-
"GB, I'm gonna be changing the TT straps on '****'s' Huey in the Spring and wondered if you'd be interested in coming down to do the track and balance and test flight?"

He knew my reaction before he pushed the "send" key.
He also knows I'd probably PAY to watch that big rotor blade cycle overhead again.

I suspect we'll fly about an hour.
(Are you ready Terry?)


Anonymous said...

Let me know when you're finished....we'll celebrate!



Go for two hours. That way you can say you have OVER 3000 hrs flight time in the HUEY.

cj said...

How cool.

Congrats, GB. It is certainly a milestone worth waiting for and celebrating.

And personally, I don't think you're fudging a thing.


Bloviating Zeppelin said...

How cool is that??

3K, dude, you gonna GET it!

Question: isn't it true that the Huey is the #1 mass-produced airframe in the history of the US flight inventory? Weren't there more Huey's built than any other US airframe model, fixed or rotary?


Greybeard said...

Hadn't thought about numbers BZ.
I think there were some 12,000 different models of the Huey produced, we could look that up.
I know there were 10,000 B24's and that was one of the most-produced airplanes of WWII, so if my 12K guesstimeate is right, you may be correct in your thinking.
I know the old bird served well, and continues in a truck-like mission all over the world.

Terry said...

Iam ready, it was a long time fullfilling the dream to fly helicopter. Thanks to you.
that was number one in my life, number 2 would to be at least sitting in the side door of a Huey at a hover. WOW Iam with THIRDWAVEDAVE, get your self 2 hours.

bonnie said...

wow!!! totally awesome!!!