03 December 2010

For The Guys-

Important scientific news you need to relay to your lady here.
You're welcome!


Anonymous said...

lol, ur too funny.


Appreciate your efforts on this important matter. Thank you very much.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

I -- ahem -- pay for my wife's tanning sessions. She looks HOT with a tan and, of course, I TELL her just that!


Rita said...

This is me, sitting here quietly rolling my eyes at how easily men base their assessments of the entire world with the wrong "brain".

Greybeard said...

And this is me, sitting here rolling my eyes too, knowing why Cosmopolitan magazine almost always has cleavage shown on the cover.

Rita, it seems to me you have a choice...
Accept it. Use it to your advantage. Or fight it.
(And since I've met you I already know which course you've taken!)
Again... you're welcome.

Rita said...

Oh no, you can't leave it like that GB. Do you think I accept it OR use it to my advantage?

You'll be in big trouble if you think I'm one to fight it.

I think it was ridiculous how much outrage Danica Patrick got from her photos, dressed in leather, draped over a race car. Was she supposed to give up her gender because she chose a male career?

I'm waiting for you answer of WHICH one you think I am.

And you KNOW you can't win this no matter your answer.

Greybeard said...

Ah, but win it I will, Rita!

Rita said...

Answer my question.

WHICH choice do you "know" I embrace?

Not answering my question is not winning.

Greybeard said...

I totally agree, Rita!

Rita said...

Oh buddy, you are so whipped. Time to turn in your man card.

Since you won't answer the question, and you base your judgement on having met me, I have to use my female intuition, er I mean logical reasoning. No one would believe I would fight it. So that one is immediately ruled out.

Next. If you "know" I accept it means that you think I don't have the physical qualities to use for my advantage.

Lastly, If you "know" I use it to my advantage means that I have no brains to use as an advantage.

See.....I told you that you can't win.