18 December 2010

Digital Camera Screwups

It has to be gremlins at work. How else can you explain the photo/video button on my camera being pushed over to the "video" selection? I DIDN'T DO IT!
But it happens now and then, and some of the results are interesting. It's helped me decide I need to do more video.
This Spring in Destin I had a chance to take photos of a beautiful gal alongside a beautiful dog, and got a mini-video before I realized I needed to put that darned switch in the correct position. Here is the result:


Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Don't feel bad -- that's happened to me before with my Nikon camera and also my iPhone. I made videos I didn't intend to make. And I was SURE I didn't hit any other buttons.

Except, of course, I did.


cary said...

Sometimes, the best things are discovered by accident!