14 July 2010

NASA's New Mission:

NASA apparently has a new mission:
To make Muslim Nations feel better about their contributions of Math and Science to the world.
To this extent, NASA should show how far behind non-Muslim Nations are by asking them to solve the following problem...
A math problem that can be answered easily in Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Syria-

A woman is buried in such a way that she cannot protect her head.
A rock weighing 8 ounces is thrown at her face at a speed of 45 miles per hour from a distance of twenty-five feet.
What is the force of the impact?


camerapilot said...

Once they build the million dollar mosque at Ground-Zero I hear they're going to offer math classes!:)
Nothing says FU more than raising the Islam Crescent Moon & Star above a site where Americans were slaughtered.
It's great to be politically correct even to the grave:)

cj said...

You forgot to add the 'by Muslims' part of that, CP.

The whole situation makes me ill.


the golden horse said...

Is this the one and the same NASA that was here when we were kids?
I think I missed something.

Radio Patriot said...

Brilliant satire. Add "biting satire" to that too.

What is wrong with Bloomberg et al? We are infested with traitors.