04 July 2010

Brother Against Brother

I'm sure therapy would help.
But there's a problem-
I'm not at all sure I want the help.
I'll take to heart any comments you leave.

I have a brother, by law.
He's three months older than me.
He graduated High School, joined the Marines, and went to Viet Nam as an Artillery Forward Observer.
In Viet Nam he served at Chu Lai...
Same as me.

With this much in common you'd think we'd be thick as thieves, wouldn't you?
But there is a fundamental disagreement that separates us.
He's from Chicago.
He voted for you-know-who.

We went to visit in October of 2001, just after the Nation had been traumatized. For three days we listened to what an idiot George Bush was... how Dick Cheney was pulling GWB's strings. How the slight economic downturn at the time was due to Bush's incompetency. (Interesting, now that Bozama has been in office 18 months, this economic downturn is ALSO all GWB's fault!)

There comes a point in everyone's life where you have a decision to make...
How much feces do you want to eat?
I reached that point about a year ago and I took care of the problem tactfully...
I told him I was disappointed... that I thought our similar backgrounds would have lead to similar values. I told him I refused to be a slave to government and that his values were diametrically opposed to mine. I've seen him once since, at his daughter's funeral.
And the problem is, I don't care if I EVER see him again.
I'm fearful that if the country doesn't wake up... if it continues down its present path, the next time I see him may be from behind the sights of my .308 Remington.

Our first and second amendment rights are being threatened.
I've just about reached my line in the sand.
I'm heartsick.
Reasonably intelligent people have gotten so used to government cheese, they're frightened of the spigot being turned off.

I know this is a mental illness for me...
Is there a positive way for me to approach this?
I want to quit feeling like Bozama voters are mentally challenged.


camerapilot said...

The demons have flanked you. Your choice if you let them in. Politics.... let that topic die between you and this other fellow so that you both may live along with the others that live with you and around you.
Easy to be consumed by things you cannot change, harder to change the things that consume you.

Greybeard said...

Demons CP?
I'm thinkin' of what the Founding Fathers were going through with their "Tory" neighbors when they realized they were no longer free under the yoke of the British.
Did they turn the other cheek to those that were trying to enslave them?
I understand your thoughts as a Christian.
As a warrior... not so much.

cary said...

The Christian/American Warrior dilemma - how it has come to haunt me!

As a Warrior, I am straining at the leash of civility that keeps me from acting out against this current political climate that is rending the very fabric of this nation.

As a Christian, I pray that the Lord heal this nation, and praise Him for the leadership that is, perhaps, teaching this Blessed nation a much-needed lesson in apathy and sheep herding...

Rain said...

Well, at the risk of walking into the lion's den, I have found what you have to do with people you love but who see the world differently is not let them put out their viewpoint on those issues, nor you yours and find the things you do agree about which probably is everything except what got us into this mess and how we get out of it. You won't change him and he won't change you. Neither of you will make the political world change but you can give love to each other despite that. If he can't let the political stuff go, then give it a break and see if it has changed in a year or two. My experience with love is we never quit loving but sometimes relationships have to be terminated for awhile or maybe even forever if there isn't mutual respect.

I do understand obviously from the opposite side. I felt it for eight years, seeing fascism settle in and wondering how good people didn't all see the risks of taking away rights from the Bill of Rights. How can good people, people i know are good, see the world so differently. They say it's a brain wave difference. I don't know what causes it but it is true in my opinion-- good people do not see things the same way.

I am not saying this is a little thing either. Just saying that you can love him many other ways if you and he can let the political stuff go.

IF somebody goes to war over this, further divides this country though domestic terrorism, begins to shoot those who disagree, it will actually end up the military and the law who will deal with it. IF the military goes along with it, then we will enter a period of dictatorship that people on both sides right now will hate. When we lose the democratic vote, the nastiest,meanest bastard (pardon my french) will be the one who controls it all-- for awhile. Nothing lasts forever...

Greybeard said...

Fascism Rain?
We have a President who has continued with many of the ugliest of the so called "Fascist" policies of the Bush administration:
The Patriot Act.
And more...
Yet you speak of fearing the Bush years?

Now our President threatens our freedom of speech, religion, and our right to bear arms. Black Panthers in front of the polling place threaten voters with Billy Clubs and this administration approves, yet you are more comfortable now than during the Bush years?
Your sense of justice is really messed up, gal.
You're one of the 53% of my countrymen that scare the Hell outta me.

Interestingly, my Bro-in-law, who just retired, is now beginning to realize he MAY be in big trouble when this administration nationalizes his retirement plans. He just bought a gun himself and has told my wife he intends to use it if they come for his money!

Some people have to be hit upside the head with a 2X4 in order to see the light.

Do you own a 2X4 Rain?

Greybeard said...

So we now have what I consider an unconstitutional health care reform law being brought before the Supremes, and I'm sure this administration's attempt to take away Arizona's right to protect its citizens will eventually make its way to the court too.
What a bunch of power-hungry fascists, huh Rain?

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

You ARE gonna have to draw a line in the sand.

And that time is not so far away as you may suspect.


cj said...

I've got the same sort of problem but it's with the people I love most in the world - my sister and my nieces. While I can tell my ultra liberal brotghers they're jackasses and not talk to them for months at a time, I can't do that with my sister and her kids.

So, instead of shouting at them to wake up and understand what is going on, I bite my tongue and say nothing.

Some people are worth the effort.


Rain said...

My concern all along was that once you give up power, it's hard to get it back. Back when it was happening, I said it might be someone you don't like so much who has it. I agree totally that whichever side takes it, we should fight against that. What I don't believe is that has to be with guns because then it will deteriorate into something none of us want. We did vote and if the first election of GW Bush was not by a majority, the second was. Obama was also elected by a majority. I say make your case for where they are wrong (either side) and accept that it may not go as you wish. I do not believe a revolution right now will give us what we want either.

I have always said that I am not a liberal as such but also not a conservative either. I believe in the right to bear arms. I am a fan of fiscal responsibility. I want the government out of my personal business when it doesn't hurt someone else. I believe in a strong border. I call myself a moderate or an independent but have also said I consider myself a conservative person but the word conservative today, politically speaking, has lost all meaning. It is not conservative or wise to advocate a revolution as it will destroy more than the revolutionary may wish. It also may backfire.

What I think is if someone doesn't like Obama, come up with a good person to run against him, someone the middle can support. That's what it will take. He's certainly not invincible and may well be a one-term president. Let's just hope whatever comes next is better...

Rain said...

Actually I would depend more on my .357 or the 30.06 or 30.30, all loaded and ready throughout the house... I don't think I could hit hard enough with a 2x4 ;)

Rita said...

I'm a bit more (maybe alot more) of an optimist than you are GB. I believe the tide is turning, but I'll have to wait for November to find out which one of us is correct.

As to people I love that see the world completely opposite of me.... I too have had to just agree to disagree. I love them too much to let my opinion of the President and the liberal left permanently damage our relationship. That's too high of a price to pay for me.

We simply do not discuss it. There are some people that I disagree with that it's interesting to debate, but some can't do that and not turn it into a personal assault.

I've only had one serious argument with a beloved family member and we agreed to not ever discuss politics and we are back to being closer than ever. I am curious to know whether they know might be seeing some of what I saw before the election, but it's not worth it to me to ask.

The Old Man said...

C'mon bud, not all Hopey voters are mentally challenged. Some are morality deficient. Some are running a cargo cult based on big guvmint. Some are hooked on unicorn farts and "Kumbaya".
All are economic ignoramuses. As Prof Bernardo De La Paz said, "I always knew water ran downhill. I didn't suspect how soon it would get to the bottom." Cast not your pearls before swine and pray for his family.

Remember, trying to teach a pig to sing wastes your time and annoys the pig...

Radio Patriot said...

Sometime over the Independence Day weekend, I learned that the Revolutionary War was atually our nation's first civil war,pitting brother against brother, neighbor against neighbor, friend against friend, father against son. We don't hear that part of it, but the Loyalists to the Crown, and those seeking freedom from it were at odds with one another.

"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude than the animating contest of freedom, — go from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen!" - Samuel Adams

Sometimes you have to take a stand. And the toughest question -- what is most important? God and country? Or the people in your lives?

A tough choice to make.