14 July 2010

Listening To Your Guardian Angels

I'm blessed, and I know it.
With some few speed bumps along the way my life has been a real adventure and in many instances could have had some ugly turns. The fact that I, for the most part, have avoided tragedy or serious complications in my life can be attributed to my Guardian Angels...
They whisper in my ear.
And I've learned when they whisper... I listen closely. Let me tell ya about one of 'em-

I have an interesting, satisfying job. I am blessed to have a talent I can use to help my fellow man while being paid for using it. I try never to forget that when I shut the helicopter down and walk through that E.R. door I may meet the parents of a young person...
Folks who may be having the absolute WORST day of their lives.
It's my job to try and help resolve their troubles.

After 24 years, most of my flights are similar...
Car accidents.
ATV accidents.
Cardiovascular problems.
Head bleeds.
Gunshot wounds/stabbings.
When we're dispatched to pick up a patient who has done something a little different, my mind clicks into gear to try to compose how I'll share that with you here... And there's the problem.
Our patients have the same right to confidentiality all patients have. I cannot share details with you that would give you the ability to determine the who/what/when/where of a situation. I have to describe the flight in such a way that you can't figure out who my patient is.

A while back I had an interesting flight that I thought I'd share with you. I dotted the I's and crossed the T's on the flight, then sat down here and wrote a post to share that experience with you. Like many of my posts, I scheduled that one to publish at midnight. When it appeared on the blog I re-read it to insure it said what I wanted, then checked my email. Waiting there was a note from a friend that said simply, "You up?"
I emailed back, "Yep. What can I do for you?"
He responded... "Call me", and left his number. When I called he said, "I want to help keep you from being sued",
and proceeded to point out how a hungry lawyer might find my post and cause me and my employer considerable pain.

My Guardian Angel was whispering...
I took the post down and substituted another.
I've made a few changes to that post and I'm letting some time pass for the dust to settle. I intend to share that post with you shortly.

That same Angel noticed when I post videos they sometimes overlap my sidebar and cover information there.
He wrote and volunteered to help me change the parameters in my template to keep that from happening. We did that last night and you're now looking at the result...

The things I write now occupy a much wider part of the blog, and I now have room to post videos without overlap.
I like the way it looks. I hope you do too.

Yep, I'm truly blessed to have folks who care about me and want to make my life better.
I'm VERY glad to try and "pay it forward".

And to the Guardian Angel that kept me out of legal trouble, then helped me with my Blog Template...
Thank you SO much! I'm glad you are watchin' over my shoulder.

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the golden horse said...

You can never under estimate the power of a guardian angel. God put them here for a reason. Lucky yours was on duty.