28 July 2010

Border Prediction-

With a couple exceptions, the people dying at our border with Mexico have been Mexicans.
-That people are dying at all bothers me.
-That Arizona property owners are dying while our Federal Government, who has the duty to protect them, looks the other way INFURIATES me.
If I'm enraged from 2000 miles away, how does the family of Robert Krentz feel?

The Obama administration had the chance to do the right thing here but instead chose the path of political gain.

It's a question of WHEN, not IF, a war will start on our Southern border.
When it does, REMEMBER IN NOVEMBER that our government had the chance to do the right thing and protect our citizens, but didn't.

The chaos may have already started, but in a place I didn't expect. I fear it will get much worse before it gets better.


wksaz said...

Greetings from AZ, I am disappointed that a "Federal Judge" can weigh in on SB1070, a state law. Is the 10th Amendment now dust as well? (I know it has been for a while..)

Is she blind to the fact that it was modeled after the federal statute? Does this mean the federal statute is now in question as well?

secession anyone???

Keep in mind that if I get stopped by P.D. and I don't have insurance, license or I.D., I will DEFINITELY be checked for warrants, stolen vehicle, record, and such. And I am whiter than white......my color won't matter a bit. BOHICA

Border War, Race War? I'm not sure what to call it, but I totally agree GB, it's hot down here and I don't mean the weather.

cj said...

If we cannot enforce our boarders, we are no longer a country.

It is that simple.


the golden horse said...

Before anyone, anyone rules on a decision of what AZ. is going through, they should have to spend and day and a night on the border and also ride with our wonderful Border Patrol.
You cannot make a rational decision without seeing the scene of the crimes.
You have to walk in the citizens shoes to get the full gist and that judge, I suspect, had lots of calls from the WH, before her decision. Just a guess.
It just proves that you don't have to have a college education to have common sense and the ability to do the right thing.

cary said...

The problem is that the elitists don't have to try to find - and KEEP - work in this economic climate; especially if your work happens to center around blue-collar, hands-on, working with raw materials (wood, stone, metal).

The border jumpers are doing the jobs we WANT to do at wages on which we cannot afford to support our families. Which is why, when the opportunity arose, I mothballed the wood working tools (for the most part) and have been working retail as a store manager.

Yes, I can support the family. Yes, I enjoy working in a toy store and showing people how to play with toys and games. Yes, I would be MUCH happier feeding stock through my table saw and building fine cabinets and furniture from scratch once again.

Obama and crew are bad for America, bad for the constitution, and bad for the LEGAL citizens of this country. Unfortunately, the current lame duck congress KNOWS it is lame duck, and is doing everything it can to screw us over as much as possible before they have to leave.

wksaz said...

Cary, I feel your pain, as a metalworking business owner (In AZ no less), I too understand exactly what the golden horse said and the "mile in one's moccasins" model.

If anyone who opposes such types of legislation would like a tour of the state and to interface with some local and federal officers that are "boots on the ground" then I extend my gracious invitation. Might I also suggest a visit to the nearest elementary school, hospital E.R. and welfare office. At those ancillary locations we can witness anchor babies as well as illegal immigrants receiving government aid and benefits that they did not pay one penny for.

They, for the most part HATE America, their main goal is to push the white man (and any American) out of the southwest and to eventually take over as the "majority" in the country. Research the hispanic birth rate...add probably 50% to the published number, then get angry. Racism pure and simple, but I must be "tolerant"!!?! I don't think so.

All the while I am still feeding the family, the doctors a couple of employees, the landlords, and the government....ad nauseum

For how much longer????? Then what?

Kick them out now.

camerapilot said...

We were shooting our film in the Hancock Park area of Los Angeles today. Around 10am choppers from LAPD along with ENG choppers began circling and hovering.
Seems approx. 200 pro-illegal immigration protesters wanted to let us know what they thought about AZ.law SB1070. I guess no one told them they were in Ca. Either way they tossed their asses across a lane of traffic and took a nap. Their chant was "These streets belong to us." LAPD stood by for 3.5 hours and then began arresting anyone who refused to disperse.
I remember during the 60's the Mexican Army machine gunned college students who held a rally at a square in Mexico City.........
and Pres. Calderon lectured us on how we treat his people. Such a smug and arrogant ass.

Anonymous said...

When Politicians only go after the voters with appeasing promises that go against constitutional law that means the institution that protects the law is already under siege and the revolution has begun . Look at the weapons this tells me that more than Drugs are a part this operation , because the DEA didn't just get lucky enough to find the only cache of weapons like this in the drug raid . There is a greater plan going down here and it seems like we may find out this true outcome after the USA has been federalized from the up rising ....

camerapilot said...

Obama promised that our military would arrive 08/01/2010 to protect our border.He has repealed that order. Why? Did he cut a deal with the Mex Pres.? Is he pissing on a state in our union that he pledged to protect? Is he teaching the Mayor of Phoenix, Ms. Brewer, a lesson? Absolutely. The dude must hate coming up against a gal who has bigger balls. Bless you Jen.
Obama-wimp is politically and combat ineffective. I wouldn't buy an apple from that rube.

Crown-n-coke said...

bozama wants some free votes and how better to get them by making the illeagals, leagal, he is a vote whore!