16 June 2010

Training Wheels, Part Two.

Pull the trigger!
I frequently use that saying to force myself to get off my butt and do what I should already have accomplished. In this case it is doubly suitable.
Frequent Pitchpullers will remember
this post from a little while back.
In it I promised I was gonna take my wife out in the boonies and teach her to shoot using that pretty new toy.
Yeah, life got in the way.
Doesn't it always?
It's just too easy to make excuses and do other things. I've even learned the easiest way to force yourself to take time off is to schedule it in the datebook.
No foolin'!

So today I "pulled the trigger"...
A friend wrote and said, "There's a 'Concealed Carry' class scheduled for the 17th. If you can make it you need to get on the list ASAP. "
No more procrastinating...
I picked up the phone and enrolled the two of us.

Sara Jean has never fired a round downrange.
I don't think I've fired a firearm since I was a Deputy Sheriff, and we sure don't want to go into how long ago that was!
She needs the training. I desperately need the refresher.
And guess which piece we'll be firing in the course!
(Take another look at the picture of the Ruger at the link.)

The instructor is a former Marine and Desert Storm Veteran.
I'll bet I like him a lot.
We're gonna soak this up like a sponge!


cj said...

Have fun!!


Jeff said...

I just bought myself a Marlin 1895GS 45-70, Guide Gun, Stainless Steel, 18 Inch w synthetic stock. Had too for roaming the back country http://www.adn.com/2010/05/31/1301997/dog-intervenes-in-grizzly-attack.html this was a few miles up the road from where I live. I also bought the Buffalo Bore rounds 430 gr LFN. I do a lot of hiking in the back country. I've found though it's just too heavy to carry on long hikes. I need a hand gun... a 45 or 44 of sorts that will pack a wallop to a grizzly. Any ideas? I'm getting ready to hike over Crow Pass from Girdwood to Eagle River Alaska here in a week or two. That's about 24-26 miles. I have bear spray; hey it's better than nothing. Most the time we're lucky if we even get to see a bear. The trick is not to surprise them and make lots of noise. 99.9% of them would much rather just get out of your way.

cary said...

Have fun, GB - and tell Sara Jean to relax and let the gun do all the work!