15 June 2010

Pro Vs. Amateur:

Defending his/her territory...
Persistence pays off!


Crown-n-coke said...

Never saw a dogfight like that! That was badass!!

camerapilot said...

I call out Whiteman Tower, Cessna 737 UNIFORM KILO at ONE TWO ready for take off. The tower calls with clearance and off I go. Camera, Lights, Action, mixture rich, full throttle I rotate, push right rudder to counter P-factor and I sense air below. The instrument panel blocks my horizon, I turn crosswind at 500'agl. I have left earth and that feeling comes. Anyone who has flown knows that sense.
I head toward downwind and I see the most beautiful Red Tailed hawk heading toward me. I hear myself over my headset say "Beautiful!" This magnificent predator seems to hang midair and hold still and he's heading right toward me which means...."Oh my God we are on a collision course!" I push the yoke down hard, talons glide above the windscreen. I regain altitude and yank my head all around seeing if he'll make another pass. I can't find him,I assume he knows I got the message. I was in his "Hood" so watch it fool. I puttered away while he leaned and cut a fine line with effortless movement and grace.
If only I could fly like a finch for one moment I would be able to call myself a flier.