19 June 2010


The thugs are in charge of everything.
The country as we have known it is lost unless this decision is overturned.
God, please help us.


camerapilot said...

Italia has seen Emperors come and Emperors go. She still stands. We to will stand. Our foundation was cast well.
Always keep a sharp sword though.

Radio Patriot said...

I'd like you to read this post at Trevor Louden's site -- New Zeal. In it, he explains how the Communist party has taken over the Democrat Party, and what comes next...


While you're there, look around. He's ahead of the curve in many instances.


Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Later, Walpin added one more comment. “The District Court’s dismissal in no way questions the basic thrust of my case: that I was removed because I was doing my job too well in investigating and reporting on wrongdoing with taxpayers’ money."

No one understands: what this president can do during this term, opens up the ability for subsequent presidents to do the same. Including Republicans.


Bumps Stump said...

Hey Blo . . Don't give up. Obummer is on his way out. Democrats are the big losers, but the Republicans will have to get their act together if they expect support. For some reason they seem unable to hear their constituents. If they don't fix that problem - THEN the game is up.


Timothy Frazier said...

Maybe they should go to my old case as precedent. Chief placed me on "indefinite suspension without pay" and the final ruling was "indefinite suspension without pay" is the same as "fired".

Without going into detail, the pretentious, condescending, totalitarian chief of police ended up having to re-instate me with full back pay for his little politically based loop-hole firing.

Sounds a lot like what Obama pulled...although the idiot chief with the IQ of a plastic spoon I worked for wasn't nearly as stupid as Obama.