23 April 2010

Sara Jean's "Training Wheels"

She's from Chicago, yet she's never fired a firearm. (I guess there are no guns in the Second City!)
Regular readers know I have finally covered my bases so far as my firearms are concerned... my purchase of the M-1 Carbine, the .308 Remington, and the 870 Express shotgun filled the gaps I felt needed filling. I'm now working to get a comfortable amount of ammunition set aside for each piece.

If you, like me, read survival blogs, you know the long guns will be of little use when the "SHTF". The guys I read, one of whom, (an Argentinian), has actually been through that country's economic collapse, stress the piece you'll need most is a large-caliber (preferably automatic) pistol, and you need to have it ON YOU...
Come home, pull out your pistol, take out your keys, unlock the door and enter your home.

It's one of those things we "intend to do"...
There is a Smith and Wesson .357 Magnum on the floor on Sara Jean's side of the bed. It's loaded with slightly less powerful .38SP cartridges just in case she actually ever has to use it... in hopes she'll not be so stunned by the first shot that she can pull the trigger a second time. But there are seven handguns in this house, four of them always loaded, and my wife has never shot a handgun. Shame on me. My excuse? I want her first shooting experience to be pleasant. I'm pretty sure the .357, the .45, or the .44 Magnum would not provide a "pleasant" first experience.

So on a whim I stopped by my local gun store on the chance they might have an answer to my problem. On the top left shelf, sitting there crying "Look at me! Look at me!" was the piece you see above.
Thirty-plus years ago a friend brought one to a shooting outing and we fired 300 rounds through the thing without a misfire. It was accurate, comfortable in my hand, and had virtually no recoil. (My friend the gunsmith says it's one of the finest guns made.)
A perfect gun for Sara Jean to learn the fundamentals.
We pick it up today. Practice begins tomorrow.
I'll let ya know how it turns out.


Capt. Schmoe said...

I have a Ruger 22-45, very similar to the Ruger that you have pictured.

I usually make it the second gun that I use when working with first time shooters, the first being a .22 single action revolver.

That is only because I have the revolver. The Ruger is an excellent choice for introducing a new shooter to the joys of a semi-auto.

I love teaching brand new shooters to the joys of pistol work, especially ones who are a little afraid. The attainment of skills and self confidence are gratifying to watch.

Good luck.

cary said...

Your approach is thoughtful, logical, and considerate of the intended student.

Almost like you really care about her and want her around for a while.

Nice piece.

camerapilot said...

A Mark III Target. Excellent choice.
Make sure she gets to shoot it sometimes too.

the golden horse said...


You go girl, make us girls proud.

cj said...

I carried a .357 Ruger when I started in law enforcement. Yes, I'm old enough to have carried a revolver. Loved it.

I'm sure SJ will do just fine but it's about time you got to the training.