15 April 2010


It was a couple weeks back-
I was in one of those stupid "cat versus dog" conversations with a cat lover. Let me be clear...
I find cats interesting, and if my son wasn't seriously allergic to them I'd have one in my house tomorrow. (One of the best pets that ever owned me was a
Manx. She thought she was a dog!)
That very day I'd heard someone on talkradio make the comment, "We only tolerate house cats because of their size. If they were bigger, they'd try to eat us".
I thought the insight was funny, and it was funny partly because in the far reaches of my mind I could sense it was true. House cats don't try to eat us because when they do, we kick them against the wall.
(I joke!)

So I wasn't at all surprised to read this post.
If they can't eat us whole, cats apparently are perfectly happy to do it in small servings!


cj said...

Gotta admit - my cats make me nervous at times.



camerapilot said...

I don't mind being in the food chain,
it puts me in my place.
I'd rather get munched by a critter with fangs than a human any day.....

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

This saying is true about domestic cats:

"Cats don't have owners, they have Staff."