29 April 2010

I Left... Nothing... In San Francisco

And therefore never have to go back.

I'm taking a pledge right now...
My shadow will not fall in that city until there is regime change there.
Arizona, the majority is with you!


the golden horse said...

I too, used to Love SF. But the ole song "I left My heart In San Fransico," no longer applies.
Ca. is out of control. If you think not, just check what the kids are learning at Berkeley and from whom.
Arizona is doing what our Federal Gov't is sworn to do. Now there are rumors that Texas may join them. Go Texas.
The deal with Puerto Rico does have me concerned also.
Tells me this gov't can't win a legal election if they wanted, without stacking the deck.

camerapilot said...

I left my uncle in San Quintin, but that's another story.
One of my favorite photographers did amazing work up there in the 50's.His name,Max Yavno.
Don't let a small smack of bastard politicians turn us toward hating an entire city or as far as that goes, don't let them put hate in us ever.
What did George S. Patton say about politicians? "Politicians are the worst form of life on Earth.
Liberal Democrats are the lowest form of politician."

Cissy Apple said...

How strange. I pulled my blog up and it started playing "I Left my Heart". My brother and I were born there, but left when I was 15 months old. We finally got to go back a few years ago just before they tore down Letterman...where we were born.

I've always felt like SF was my city and the Golden Gate was my bridge. During our stay there, we hopped on a cable car and were deposited (without a choice) right in the middle of the Gay Pride parade. We had an encounter with "The Bushman". Carrie posed for a photo with Eddie Murphy's double, cince Dr. Doolittle was being filmed while we were there.

The "hippie" inside me loved going by Haight-Ashbury and seeing all the young hippie-wannabees.

I saw a man in a pink tank dress and a male couple walking a pink standard poodle.

I was shocked, entertained, and amazed. And I'd love to go back.

Bumps Stump said...

Greybeard . . S.F. used to be a great place to visit. Over the years it has lost it's charm. Now all of California can't wait to follow them down the liberal-freebie-welfare tube.

Arizona finally stood up tall. The entire undocumented community in California was screaming and outraged immediately. So off they went to get some nasty posters and picket signs.

You can bet that California will not follow Arizona's lead. San Francisco is going to erase God if it kills them. Obama will trade San Diego for peace along the border, He just doesn't like fences or force.

Californians are leaving as fast as they can.

Wonder why?