09 April 2010

Sweet Home, Eufaula Alabama

The sky is cloudless. The sign across the road says 70 degrees. There's a minimal breeze blowing from the Northwest. We're sitting at a table in the playground at the McDonald's 'cause McD's has free Wifi here. Life truly is good.

Schoolmates and spouses are here enjoying the "Eufaula Pilgrimage" festival...
Twelve of us total, sharing two 3-bedroom houses on Lake Eufaula. Some are fishing. Some are touring Eufaula's Mansions. Some are plunked on the sofa watching sports on TV. All are doing EXACTLY what they want to do.

Life is good.

Hope yours is going well too. (But I bet it ain't as good as mine.)


Rita said...

How much is the bet?

Bumps Stump said...

Hi Greybeard . . Welcome back. It's good to read happy stuff on Fridays. Doesn't happen often. Must be the fish? If you want to make your day complete, look in on the following you-tube link. It sure made me smile !



Rita said...

Isn't Oompa Loompa where Willy Wonka lives?

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Hey, better April in Eufala than July or August in Eufala, I would submit.

Take 'er easy!


Greybeard said...

I've been where you are.
You HAVE NOT been where we are.
I'll have mercy on you and not take your money.
You'll thank me later.

I guess it depends a great deal on how much you like steam baths. I'll agree with you and repeat the comment a friend made about the South in summertime:
"Thank God for Air Conditioning."

I'll wait 'til I'm home to savor your link. Thanks for thinkin ' of me.

cj said...

"I'l have mercy on you and take your money"...

Egads, man!

You sound like that hopey-changey guy in Washington!


(Glad you had a good time!)