12 April 2010

Cabela's- (ARRGH!)

"Thank you for your recent order. We appreciate your shopping at Cabela's and hope that you had an enjoyable shopping experience."

Well Cabela's, let's read a little further into your note and see how my "shopping experience" could POSSIBLY be enjoyable:


1 of 21-6955 Winchester 45 ACP 230GR FMJ AMMO W/DRY BOX 45 ACP 230 GR FMJ600BX

Thank you so much for serving my needs!
I ordered the ammunition in January and when you (twice!) notified me it was still on back-order you informed me I had to call you and reaffirm that I wanted the order or you would cancel it.

Now, (maybe through no fault on your part) you tell me you're no longer receiving 45 ACP from Winchester and after waiting three months I won't be receiving my order?
What a wonderful shopping experience!

Can I PLEASE place another order right away?!!

Something was fishy. The first customer rep. I spoke with sounded young and seemed only to want to be rid of me, so I went back to the website and found the ammunition still being offered there. I called Cabela's to ask why my order was canceled. Turns out EVERYONE'S order of .45 ACP was canceled... a "system failure"! The ammunition was/is still available, although still on back-order... delivery date now expected in May. (Remember, I initially ordered the stuff in January.)
I reinstated the order.

I believe it's an indication of the times we live in. I'm told popular ammunition at our local Wally World is snapped up within hours of arrival. I think that's a great hint of the mood in the country. The prospective May delivery date is by no means firm, and illustrates how "nervous" the country is, doesn't it?!

Are you paying attention? Are you covering all your bases?
My advice?
Be a good Boy Scout. Be prepared.


The Old Man said...

Try "Cheaper Than Dirt". Works for me...

Timothy Frazier said...

I can explain why WalMart runs out so quickly. Mom and Pop gun stores snatch it all off the shelves and resell it...IF they can get there before Gander Mountain. Gander Mountain stores throughout the state of Texas have been buying WalMart ammo, marking it up as much as 50% and stocking their own shelves with it. They've been doing it since November 2008. I've personally spotted boxes of ammo at the Tyler GM store that still had WalMart price tags on them.

Do a search for cheap ammo at http://www.texaschlforum.com where you'll find a few thousand friendly folks who will direct you to the best online and local suppliers. The forums are run by Charles Cotton, President of the TSRA and board member of the NRA.

Aside from my stockpile of reloaded ammo that's ready to take to the range now, I currently have about 300 lbs. of wheel weights to melt down and turn into ammo with my Lee 6 cavity mold and Dillon Square Deal B. I haven't purchased factory ammo in two years and I'm spending 3.2 pennies per round after a ~$600 investment in the reloading machine, 5000 ct buckets of .45 ACP range brass, Lee lead furnace and mold, and a free supply of wheel weights (sorry, can't reveal my source on that). If you have a couple hours a week to put into it, reloading is much cheaper and a very cathartic hobby...especially if you cast your own bullets.