26 April 2010

Racial Profiling?

In Arizona and elsewhere, lefties are exhibiting their normal concern for the rights of lawbreakers, worrying that law enforcement personnel will use "racial profiling" to harass citizens with the new law.
Let's see now:
1. Caucasians
2. Asians
3. Blacks

I once again find myself confuzzled.
If a Caucasian cop stops a Caucasian citizen to insure he's not breaking the law, how is that "racial profiling"?


the golden horse said...

It is easy for people whose homes and ranches don't sit on the border to judge this law. These people are sitting on a border with over 16,500 deaths, some from decapitation. They are having kidnappings that are out of control.
Until anyone walks in these people's shoes, they have no right to judge their passion for safety.
This new law is long overdue, now if we can just get them to enforce it.
When the number of illegals in our prison sytems number more than one out of every 3, then something has to be done. We are paying for this with money we don't have.
This is something the far left want to make out of nothing.
When we get in line to get on a plane, we are all checked, do I mind, no, it is for the safety of us all. My name is a little different than many Americans due to the error made in the translation during legal immigration so many years ago. We are constantly pulled out of line for that little extra search. We have had our suitcases gone through with a fine tooth comb, we had had to drink fluids from our bags, we have had it all done to us. I have been the only one in the airport waiting area put through the new xray machine in front of God and everyone. Name profiling, sure, but do I care? No, because it is for the safety of us all.
For those that are making much to do about basically nothing, call someone that cares.
Do people that enter our country illegally, with many committing crimes, do they really have civil rights while breaking a law?
The don't pay into our system, sending a large portion of their money home. I witness this weekly with long lines at the store with people buying money orders.

I don't care what color a person is, as long as they come into the country legally and follow the rules and not try to change our lives to fit their own, they are more than welcome to stay.

cary said...

If a Caucasian cop stops ANYONE to insure they are not breaking the law, it's called "doing his job" - yet the liberals and progressives can't seem to wrap their teeny tiny little minds around that.

camerapilot said...

I wonder how many of these knee-jerk reactionary types have read AZ SB1070?
If your against AZ SB1070 you support smuggling humans for profit; and support corrupt employers and police.
When was "Mexican" classified as a race anyway? I thought it was a nationality.

cj said...

Okay, the law doesn't give the cops in AZ the right to stop a person walking down the street for their papers.

It gives them the right to ask someone they are already dealing with immigration type questions. Prior to the law, they had to contact special officers who were the only ones who could ask immigration questions. These officers were usually too busy to help out.

Phoenix has the most kidnappings of any city in America. It is number two in the world.

Make no mistake, the officers in Phoenix are fighting a war against illegal immigration and, more importantly, Mexican drug cartels who issue orders for their thugs to kill any and all law enforcement officers. They don't have the time or the desire to hassle law-abiding citizens, legal or not.

I worry a great deal about a friend who works for Phoenix PD.


the golden horse said...

So we have a WH that thinks this new law in Az. is wrong. That it is wrong to ask people for their ID and proof of residence. But this same WH thinks it is okay to demand proof we have bought their insurance. Where are our rights?

Now they want to make Puerto Rico a state so they can have more Hispanic votes...racial profiling here??

Folks, it is going to get ugly in this country.

camerapilot said...

It is draconian here in California.
Google Janice Hahn and read about her proposal to break all city contracts with Az. She's running for Lt. Governor of Ca. Guess she wants to keep in good standing with the Hispanic voting block. Good political move "Janster".
Oh, one more self serving move by one of our politicos-
Mayor of San Fran is banning all Gov. employees from going to AZ.
I used to be proud to say I was sixth generation Californian. I avoid the subject entirely now.
Arizona, I love you.