25 April 2010

The Licking Monster!

As frequently happens I open my eyes and the bedroom is still dark. The alarm clock at my bedside reads 5 A.M..
I have to be careful and very quiet...


The Monster?
It's a shocking thing to consider:
Eight legs.
Two tails, one long and one stubby.
Half of it is black, half is cream-colored.
The black part is kinda wiry. The cream colored half is like cotton candy.

The Monster remains quiescent if you don't stir dramatically... don't make a sound.
An hour later I turn and stretch, then yawn... The Monster SPRINGS to life and attacks!
Two heads!
Two flicking tongues!
One head on to the left side of my face, the other on the right, the apparent mission is to dampen my entire face... lick the sleep from my eyes.
The licking tickles and I laugh... BIG MISTAKE!
The Monster gets more excited and the frequency of the licking increases dramatically!

"Puppies want to GO outside... Go potty?"
In front of my eyes The Monster splits in two and eight legs hit the floor, four then four.

What a great way to start the day.


cary said...

Mine just "harumph" at me if I dare to disturb their slumber...

cj said...

That is so cute.

Mine waits until I move a certain way and then will come sniffing around the bed. If I don't move, she will lie down and wait until i do something that tells her I am truly awake.

But... I can also get up, let her out, and then say 'I'm going back to bed' and she'll let me alone again for a bit.

I don't want to know what people without dogs do in the mornings.


the golden horse said...

You have been blessed.