17 December 2008

Why Not Studebaker?

The idea came to me in that half-asleep state you sometimes experience as you first wake...
We're intent on saving the American auto industry and the jobs they provide, right? No matter the efficiency of these efforts or the economic sense of pouring money down a rat-hole... Jobs are to be preserved!
So... Why not "save" Studebaker?
Studebaker shuttered their auto making business in 1966, idling a big plant in the heart of the nation and leaving thousands of production workers, dealers, salespersons, parts suppliers, mechanics, and other associated workers out of jobs.
But all Studebaker's problems could be overcome with an infusion of, say, 15 Billion dollars, and the economy of South Bend Indiana would be revitalized by the plant's reopening.

The 1964 Studebaker Avanti shown above still looks like a car from the future. With a rust-free fiberglass body, an integral roll bar, and the first use of disc brakes by a major (?) U.S. automaker, it was YEARS ahead of its time. Take a look at the 1953 Studebaker Commander Starlight Coupe and I think you'll agree, Studebaker built beautiful, innovative cars. If we're gonna save this industry, why not reward folks that were making interesting, cutting-edge automobiles?

President Bush.... If you're gonna throw tons of money at a problem, logic be damned, throw a few Billions toward South Bend, Indiana!


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness: my dad had either this model or a year or two later. We drove it right across Canada, from B.c. to Nova Scotia. I have great photos of it. In world of change - moving far to often for my 7 year old mind to handle, the constant was my dad's car. I knew all the places for all the people and the driver, the provider, the person who kept me safe from harm, my dear dad and the wonder green studebaker. Someday I will buy one for my grandson. Thank you for this site, I'll be back. Christine from Canada.

Anonymous said...

Great Idea!! Studebaker survived the Great Depression, built radial engines for B-17's during World War II, and produced some of the most innovative, creative automobiles; but was forced out by "The Big Three". Alas, during this time of National High Debt, fifteen billion would be most difficult to come by. But if, in some unimaginable scenario, someone could buy the rights to the Studebaker Brand and establish a dealer network (probably emphasis on the old Lark model which sold well from 1960-1966, upgraded and a solid value: "they would sell like hotcakes!". Hope springs eternal.

Anonymous said...

Studebaker made the Avanti until 2007. The factory is idle in Cancun Mexico. It wouldn't take billions to revive it. Check it out