04 December 2008

Distaff Handgun Self-Defense

Had enough talk about handguns?
Jinksto adds his two cents and his comments are directed at you ladies.
Good stuff.


cj said...


Directed at some of the ladies, GB. Some of us have been using firearms for quite some time now.


Greybeard said...

Point well taken, dear.
And having coached two females on the basics of handgun shooting, I can honestly say I'd be more fearful having them trying to make a hole in me than some of the guys I have practiced with...
Deadlier than the male!

cj said...

GB -

To be fair, I know both men and women I wouldn't want to see with a gun in their hands - like the reserve officer for my previous department who shot a hole in the floor of the local bank while checking out an alarm...

But let me tell you, women are not to be messed with when given cause, ya know?


jinksto said...

agree. My latest post discusses the fact that women tend to pay better attention when learning things that are dangerous.

Your reserve officers sounds similar to one of our full time deputies who fired over the hood of his car hollywood style and successfully disabled and killed his own vehicle.

cj said...

jinksto -

Man, that's funny. Thanks much for the laugh. I really needed it today.


Anonymous said...


I certainly enjoy your comments, especially about flying. My father in law just retired from Air Logistics - I was lucky enough to fly with him (once in the left seat) several times in the S76.

I'm also from Naptown, used to fly commercial float planes.

You may want to check out a fellow pilot's blog, (S64) - www.heligypsy.wordpress.com

Thanks again for taking the time and effort involved in your writings.

Erik said...

You might find this interesting.


Be safe,