14 December 2008

Glenn Miller

(Cute touch... watch the violins at about 2:15.)

We lost him 64 years ago today. His Wikipedia entry is here, where you can read that trying to volunteer for service in WWII at age 38, initially none of the services were interested in him. Read the "Disappearance" section there... then read this link and come to your own conclusion about the mystery of his death.
Patriot and hero... his music still makes ya "pat your foot".


The Old Man said...

Dunno, bro', I tend toward the theory that the Norseman he was in was hit by a random jettisoned omb over the Channel from an aborted Allied raid. The timing seems accurate wrt the theory I heard, but stretched a mite wrt murky radar and AA recollections from 60+ years ago.
I have been wrong - but never uncertain....

cj said...

GB -

It's an interesting assertion, isn't it? And I've got to admit I could see the military covering it up.

And the video is great, especially with the violins. I grew up listening to Big Band music because of my parents and I love it. My favorite is Benny Goodman, however. I played the clarinet for years so I identify with him.

Thanks for the smile.


Jenny said...

Oh, I *love* that piece!

'specially the violins. ;)

Perfect dancin' music. Can't help but wonder what it must have been like being a kid back then.