20 May 2008

What's That Ahead?

We're headed South to Destin, about 4 hours into the drive, and I'm bored outta my gourd.
On the horizon... what IS that?!!
On a trailer behind a truck... it's squat and odd looking. And then it begins to look familiar...
My old friend, the "flying tadpole".
It's a Huey.

I had Sara Jean take the wheel from the right seat while I grabbed the camera and shot these photos as we passed. About 10,000 of these machines were produced in the 60's and early 70's.
With 3000 hours in UH-1's, what are the chances I flew this machine?
It's neat just thinking it's a possibility.
It's a 1966 model Huey, so it almost certainly had Viet Nam service, complete with patched-up bullet holes in the floorboards.


cary said...

Wow, what a chance for memories! Good photos, too, considering the arrangements...

The Old Man said...

BOOYAH! Gotta love a blast from the past... Ever notice how the 'Namvets can hear a Huey at twice the range of a civilian?

Greybeard said...

Old Man, when I read your comment to Sara Jean she said,
"Yeah, you can't hear anything else, but you can sure hear a Huey!"

cary said...

Ooh - that had to hurt.