14 May 2008

Thank You Panera Bread!!

Dateline Destin, Florida-

Things could be worse. Actually, things could hardly be better. But I have been, in a way, speechless for four days now.
The wi-fi connection I was hijacking here in the past is now password-protected. There are four very strong wi-fi signals irradiating my body, 24 hours a day... all password-protected. So here I sit at Panera Bread, sipping on an excellent cup of Hazelnut coffee, checking my email and communicating to you why I haven't published a post in a while. I just wanted to let you know nothing is wrong... we're suffering under sunny skies with 82 degree temperatures and winds of 15-20 knots. Free beer might put a bigger smile on my face.

Post-West Virginia I want your thoughts...
I'd call that a first class whuppin'.
Rodolfo will minimize it, 'cause West Virginia doesn't put our gal that much closer to the goal line. But nevertheless, 67-26 can only be called "wiping the floor with him" time.
Will it cause more buyer's remorse?
And we're still talking about Michigan and Florida!

Ain't this fun?

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Anonymous said...

I'm not minimizing it all. As an Obama supporter it does concern me. It concerns me when an old lady on TV says she didn't vote for him because she thinks he's Muslim. Is that what the majority of West Virginians think? It's a sad day for America when the electorate cannot discern the difference between facts and smears.

Are there people in our country who won't vote for Barack because he's black? Yes. The same way some people wouldn't vote for Clinton because she's a woman. Or perhaps even some people won't vote for McCain because he's white. But Barack is trying to forge a new coalition this time. He may not win every demographic but he's creating new ones to replace them.

Clinton winning W. Virginia only proves that Barack has his work cut out for him to get his message out. But the numbers don't lie. It is mathematically impossible for Clinton to win now so that's why everyone seems to be downplaying it. But we'll see how their party responds when they actually figure out who their nominee is.