07 May 2008

No Matter What, I Pledge-

The past 8 years HAVE been a fun time for cartoonists, comedians, and political junkies, haven't they?
Down-to-earth, good 'ol boy GWB can't properly string a full sentence together, so he has provided comics and pundits with plenty of amusing material to use against him. Those qualities have actually endeared him somewhat to those of us raised in "fly-over" country, where actions speak louder than words. But Bush's stumbles have embarrassed some of our more "tightly-wound" citizens...
Like that other "seemingly laid-back" Texan, LBJ, there have been times when GWB should have been more aware that not all those around him had his best interest at heart. He's been a relatively easy target. Cartoonists and photographers have had a field day with some of his goofy expressions.

Those that come here regularly know I'm disappointed in GWB.
When I cast my vote for him in 2000 I mistakenly thought I was voting for a conservative.
I cast my vote for him in 2004 because for a Veteran, the thought of his opponent becoming President was unthinkable.

Now we face a new election, unfolding with all the drama and suspense of an Alfred Hitchcock movie. Everyone on the ballot is 'way to the left of my political stance, so I cannot get worked up about voting this time.
Can McCain convince me he knows he screwed up BIG TIME on the immigration issue?
Will Obama be able to satisfy my fears about his numerous
"Birds of a Feather"?

I bet not.
And if not, I am gonna act out my threat and write "NONE OF THE ABOVE" in the block where it asks for my candidate's name.

We'll see.
But I'm ready to promise ya this... and having watched how the game is played for eight years, I'll bet lots of others feel the same way. The gloves are definitely off.
If the most liberal Senator in the U.S. Senate is elected President of the United States, I'll support him every bit as much as the left has supported GWB.
I'll be doing my patriotic best to point out every single mis-step he makes and litter his path with as many obstacles as possible. If he makes another gaffe like he did on the campaign trail, mistakenly reporting 100 tornado deaths as 10,000... I'll be one of the first pointing out what an idiot our new President is!

And what about the caricatures?
Oh my! This surely is a "target-rich" environment!
Here's one artists conception, (and I think this was intended to be becoming) :

What animal do you think he most resembles?
All's fair here, right?
I think the "Chimp" theme might continue in the future, don't you?
No matter what, this election is gonna be a riot.


The Old Man said...

Jesus Christ on a flaming pogo stick! Referring to Bambam as a monkey would cause much consternation among the lib-ruls.

Greybeard said...

Surely Old Man, you're not suggesting that conservatives are more liberal than lib-ruls?!!
I absolutely cannot believe that any liberal would be offended by my expressing my right to freedom of speech...
OR for that matter, my second amendment rights...
Or for that matter, my right to eat trans-fats...
Or for that matter...

Anonymous said...

lol. Our Iraqi adventure could very well go down in modern history as the biggest *gaffe* that ever took place. But by all means exercise your right to free speech. I'll even defend you from my *lib-rul* friends. I'm one loyal reader you ain't gonna offend.

Judgment is a funny word. I bet you're a pretty darn good pilot GB. I'd bet the farm by guessing you probably have good judgment when it comes to piloting. But your judgment on voting is suspect...

Greybeard said...

"Our Iraqi adventure could very well go down in modern history as the biggest *gaffe* that ever took place."

And if things continue as reported by embedded reporters Totten and Yon, history may show it was the most humane, necessary thing we've ever done. Liberal media and Democrats are still working their hardest to insure we fail. In spite of Pelosi's best efforts, it looks as if things are finally swinging our way. Let's hope Pelosi's party fails in their efforts.

About my flying, Rodolfo, I can only say... if you're paying any attention at all you're bound to learn a few things in 41 years! Watching Democrats do their best to enslave their constituency, (and I've been watching that most of my life too), has certainly taught me their way leads to more government dependency! (Sociology and Psychology 101 again, remember?)

Let's hope the Nation matures and begins to look through "eyes that truly see".