08 May 2008

Not So Fast, Bunky!

The media, (those same wise folks that said she was out of the running months ago), are saying our gal Hill is outta here. Let me tell you, (with some help from a friend), why she'll hang on, and MAYBE take all the marbles home:

Who would you say has the most powerful political machine running today? Now I can only repeat what is said by folks that know more about the issue than me, but most folks I respect indicate Bill and Hill are the powerhouses of politics. I can only imagine the reason she is holding on is because she knows something we don't... she's hiding an ACE.

Rezko and Ayres.
These are nasty, NASTY people... people you wouldn't want for neighbors. People you wouldn't want close to your children.
They are Obama's neighbors. Obama has worked with them, and in the case of Ayres, FOR him.
Now to be sure, no strong Obama/Rezko connection has been uncovered, YET. So far, as I've indicated before, there is just a TON of smoke coming from beneath that nasty pile of Chicago politics that is Obama's campaign. But if you were Hillary, looking forward, what would cause you to continue? What would cause you to lend $6.4 million to your own campaign? Somethin's afoot!

Friend John at Marathon Pundit is watching the Rezko trial closely.
A verdict in that trial is pending. If Rezko is found guilty he faces serious time. The amount of "serious time" he spends could depend on what information he shares before sentencing. I'm mighty glad I'm not the Governor of Illinois right now.

And watching Hillary's behavior in the face of what appear to be impossible odds, I think I'm also glad I'm not Barack Obama.

I could be wrong.
Still, it's fun to watch nasty people squirm!


Roymcm said...

I’m not personally committed to either candidate, but I do think that this is kind of saying, “We can’t win, but maybe the other guy will loose.”

Anonymous said...

This is why I despise both politics and the media. One of the new narratives coming out is that Clinton knows something we don't. There's supposedly gonna be some October Special that would completely derail Barack and his chance to become President. Why is she keeping information from us? Why drag her party and the country into this soap opera when she should just come out and say whatever it is that is so potentially damaging to Barack. She said the other day that White Americans who never went to college don't support Barack because they think he's elitist. Is this the consensus out there? But why is it limited to just White Americans? What about Asian Americans who never went to college? I don't hear this demographic seeing Barack this way. So it makes me wonder why two different groups (in this example) come to different conclusions. This elitist meme just don't add up.