12 November 2007

A Photo of Greybeard...

Fellow blogger, former Marine, and former Presidential Candidate Cary Cartter is a guy I agree with much of the time. He comments here now and then. When he found out Big Bubba moved to Mesa he quickly volunteered to lend a hand if ever needed, and made me a lot more comfortable with the idea my son was 1700 miles from home.

We finally got together at the "Chevy's" restaurant in Mesa Saturday night, and Cary's beautiful wife took a picture of the two of us together. So if you're interested to see what Ol' Greybeard looks like, check out the pic at Cary's Blog here!

1 comment:

cary said...

It was great finally meeting you, Greybeard - and your beautiful bride! Next time in town, I hope we can do it again - this time, on us!

Thanks again for dinner and great conversation!