01 November 2007

He Works In Strange Ways-

Sad news came last night...
The 25 year old son of close acquaintances was killed two nights ago.
He somehow got his car stuck in the Interstate median, then was struck and killed trying to cross the highway. (The vehicle that hit him didn't stop.)
Like our Big Bubba, he was an only child.

Engaged to be married, his fiancee' was expecting.
I haven't talked with his Old Man in some time, but I'm sure he would have been somewhat embarrassed by this pre-wedding pregnancy.
How do you think he feels about his coming grandchild now?

Hug your loved ones folks, and try to remember what's really important in your life.

1 comment:

Di said...

How sad...and as you've suggested...so bittersweet. I am so sorry for their loss. My thoughts are with you, as well...without a doubt, such a difficult time for all who are close to this family. My prayers are with them.