28 November 2007

Gentle Evisceration

I had never heard of Avi Lewis.
From reading the comments to this video, I understand he's a Canadian media person.

I certainly had heard of Ayaan Hirsi Ali. I think she may be the bravest person on the face of the earth.

Watching the video will take just over 9 minutes, but will educate you in ways that may surprise you!


crazy4trek said...

That was extremely good. What a brave lady.

Andrea Shea King said...

She was calm, composed,and intelligent. He, on the other hand, was a complete liberal jackass.

Her final statement about him spitting on democracy because it's all he's known was a non-sequitor.


Erik said...

Wow, it took me quite a while to read your blog. My wife and I are both from Holland, we moved to Brazil a few years ago because we dind,t feel at home in our own country anymore. Nice to see people like yourself getting worried as well. Greetings to your family and the doggies.