12 November 2007

On The Ground

By the time we start the helicopter to launch on a scene flight, most of the heavy lifting has already been done by Police, Firefighters, and ground EMS Crews. I'm in awe of the job they do, and uncomfortable with the attention we get because our part of this work is truly "batting cleanup".

I was "Google Alerted" to a blog because the writer put up a post about calling a helicopter to her scene on a night when weather was questionable. I like her style... and as always, smiled to see that EMS folks have similar experiences everywhere.

Go spend a little time at "My Life In The Firehouse" and see if you agree it's worth your time.
I've added her to my Blogroll.


The Flying Flemings said...

Found you in blogging pilots directory.

Just added you to our blogroll. Kandy and I look forward to reading more.

Check us out.

The Flying Flemings said...

Boy ain't that the truth about "batting cleanup". I couldn't agree more that the ground people do all the work, then we swoop in with our pretty helicopters and get all the attention.
Fly safe, Kandy :)