25 April 2006

Happy Anniversary, "Pitchpull"

Exactly a year ago, at this same table, on this same laptop,
I published my first post.

The passage of a year........
a year not so significant as some in the past, thank Heaven.

My writing style has changed a little, and I've modified the way I compose my posts. Blogging has forced me to focus on writing to avoid misunderstanding. I hope my writing and style have both improved.

As I figured at the start, I've blogged about my flying experiences, but not exclusively. The Aviation Industry exposes me to many interesting people and subjects, and I've enjoyed sharing some of those experiences with all of you. I've also had to do some research in order to publish some posts I knew little about, and that has been educational and satisfying.

But what I appreciate most of all is the support and constructive criticism I have received from fellow bloggers and passers-by. Many have become "virtual friends". What a wonderful community!

I've told many of the most important stories of my life in the past year.
I'm considering going back and re-publishing some of them for readers that have just found "Pitchpull", so they don't have to slog through the rest of the crap to find the "pearls". Of course, what I consider a pearl may be a lump of coal to others. For those folks, the archive awaits.

My sitemeter now says more than 40 folks per day are stopping by. That's a number I would not have expected if you had asked a year ago. Thank you all for sharing your thoughts, for criticizing when I need it, and for helping keep me out of trouble.

Let's all look forward to the year ahead!


Di said...

Happy One Year of Blogging!!!! May you have many more!!! :))

Oleprairiedog said...

You have done well, Grasshopper.
Keep posting, your safety briefing is as follows:

"Keep the shiny side up, and the greasy side down".

Anonymous said...

Congratulations. Must be fun.


Congrats, GB. I don't think I've ever found and lump of coal in your posts, but I've found many strands of pearls.

Good luck in the future.

Aviatrix said...

Keep it up, it's good to be able to meet someone like you whom I never otherwise would have met, through this medium.

I've appreciated your posts and your encouragement.