01 April 2006

My Apology:

Six months ago I complained that in my 20 years of flying sick people, I seem always to get stuck when we change our clocks.......working the extra unpaid hour in Autumn.......
but being off in the Spring when an 11 hour shift pays for 12 hours work, and I suggested a way we could avoid all the confusion.



I hope this becomes the new routine!

So I'll be home with an hour's less sleep,
trying to search out every @#*&% clock in the house/garage/cars
in order to add the extra hour.

Spring is busting out all over around Greybeard and family. Our plum tree in the back yard is really showing off this year.......
vivid purple blossoms.

I Hope your season is as nice.
(Don't forget your clocks tonight!)


Ferdyflyer said...

I don't have to change my clocks this time. But, in October, I do. That will be the first time I can remember ever having to change the clocks here. Now all three of my kids will be on one time and I'll be on another. I'm sure I'll be calling at least one of them at the wrong time now. My son in VA used to be an hour ahead of me from April to October and the same time as me from October to April. Now he'll always be an hour ahead of me. I sure hope I guess this time thing right before next month. Otherwise, I might miss my daughter's college graduation or be late for our reunion!

the golden horse said...

This is one place where we don't have to change the clocks and that is a good thing. By the time I would get all my clocks set correct, it would be time to start all over again.
It seems to me, when the sun is directly overhead, it should be noon, not 11 not 1.

Jason said...

I'm happy that I'll still have daylight when I get home from work around 6 pm. Of course, that usually just means I have the opportunity to cut the grass, but at least I'll be able to do something outside after coding all day. :)

kit said...

they need to do away with the time change. i don't see a need for it and it really screws me up twice a year :(

Rubberducky1.0 said...

Y'all need to move to Arizona :) We all happy down here.

D Cave said...

My step mom in southern Indiana alwasys said "they" did not have to change their clocks because "they" already knew what time it was> :O) I think she will now have to come up with a cuter saying