11 April 2006

On Second Thought-

I just did something I've never done before.........
I took down a post I thought was timely and well written.

Those of you that saw the post before I put it in storage.......Good for you!

Someone with whom I have had a "virtual" relationship for a while......
someone I respect, emailed and cautioned me that under certain circumstances I could find myself in hot water from about six directions if I wasn't careful.

I published the post when I was angry about innocent kids being hurt because of the carelessness of their parents.
My friend pointed out that I could be in trouble with my company, or the parents involved, if the post became public knowledge.
In it, I had been judge, jury, and almost executioner.
Of course he's right.

Now, here's the deal........(being devious)......
Time is the thing here.
If I wait and let water flow beneath this bridge for about a month or two, it'll be more difficult to connect the story with the actual event.

My counselor agreed that everything I said was "spot on".
(Don'cha love an appreciative audience?)
I also love the fact that the guy was playing "point man" for me......coverin' my backside.

I'll let that particular post simmer a while........
get better and better while it rests.....
and one night when I have writer's block........
I'll have a "spot on" rant to share with you!

Freedom of speech.
Ain't it wonderful?


Purple Tabby said...

I read the post and agreed with everything you said. I wonder if I would have gone to jail too. Can a person go to jail for thinking stuff?

Or maybe it's the publishing of those thoughts. Would the Founding Fathers have preferred that we just not write anything down?

If it is the writing of thoughts that make us paddy-wagon bound, can the We-Hate-Everybody groups be arrested? They have lots of web sites that are in the public domain, I believe.

Being in a litigation prone profession, I have worried about going to jail for something or other since I was issued a license. Many years ago I decided to stop worrying and start selecting the decor for my cell, color coordinating curtains, bed linen, etc.

One of my quilt sisters and I were discussing events around recent disaster response ( or lack of it) and I said what I thought the leader should have done i.e. got in the face of everyone at the top and simultaneously muscled, railroaded, pulled strings and by-gawd-made- life-saving actions happen, whether the brass approved or not. The phrase “that is not my job” should NEVER occur to a leader.

The first thing my friend said was, “You would get sued from now to the next life”

My answer was and still is, “Sue me!” If they want to bust my honorary cajones over paper work when lives are at stake, go for it.

One thing I truly believe is that if someone wants to “hit” you for something like that, they need to hit hard enough that ya don’t get up. Life saving measures will always justify pissing off someone else, IMHO

Of course, I might be a great deal more humble if I had to watched my house and everything else dwindle to nada.

If I didn't get to go to jail with ya, GB, I would have brought you choc. chip cookies on visiting days.

Greybeard said...

Ahh, thank you PT!

Please though:
Go back to GH's blog and review Aunt Violette's Peanut Butter Cookie recipe.......my absolute favorite!
The rats would prefer them too.

Di said...

Darn!! I missed it since I'm too new to your website. Of course you know, everyone else who missed out will want to know what they missed...or at least what it is that will send them to jail. I know you have moi thinking about my own blog...have I written anything that could be held against me in a court of law? Yikes!! I've seen my share of courtrooms for my lifetime!!

You like peanut butter cookies?! I have a great recipe that is topped with a Hershey Kiss!! Yummy!! :))

Greybeard said...

Di, Peanut Butter cookies are one of my failings, along with Krispy Kremes.
They are my drug of choice, and why I continue to have this extra few pounds around my middle that I cannot shed.

My Aunt Violette's recipe has just three ingredients, and is so good, it'll make you want to "smack your grandma"!

Sara Jean has topped them now and then with a Herhsey's kiss, making them similar to a Reese's PB cup...
mmmm, mmmmm.
A big ole ice cold glass of milk alongside, and I'm on cloud nine!

Oshawapilot said...

I saw the post, and "spot on" was the perfect description.

However, one must sometimes dance around what they say in a blog. Even though you maintain an aura of anonymity here, you see that sometimes too much information can ruin that, and perhaps lead to further issues.

I got myself into hot water on at least one occasion with my own blog when I was a student, saying things that apparently seemed innocent to me at the time, but were apparently interpreted different by those involved.

I tread a little lighter now. :)