01 May 2006


Just got back from 9 days of vacation.
I need a vacation to recover from my vacation.

We drive the better part of twelve hours to get to our destination. Driving that distance takes a physical and mental toll.
We've learned to stop often and stretch our legs.....grab a bite to eat every four hours or so. Still, I can't go to sleep right away upon arriving, and I feel the effects of the drive for a couple days.

While on vacation, you want to "suck the last ounce of enjoyment" out of every day. There's stress involved there too........places to go, people to meet, stuff to see.
More driving.
Sure, all of this is enjoyable, but you're still tired when the day is done.

We had a High School reunion to attend on our way home, so we detoured from our normal route to head to my old stomping grounds and meet with my classmates. We had an absolutely wonderful time, but I have to admit I found myself in tears more than once during this meeting, so there's emotional stress involved there too.

Back home last night after almost 2,000 miles crossed in the 9 days. Many experiences and memories to recall.....most of them wonderful. I'm due to start my shift back at work tonight. Getting back into my normal routine will be less stressful than the "re-creation" I have experienced during the last week+.

Back to the normal routine..........but it will take a day or two to get back to "normal".


Ferdyflyer said...

I didn't shed any tears while I was at the reunion. However, it got tense when I would talk about my daughter's upcoming wedding. But, last night when I got into bed and started thinking about the weekend I cried. It was a mixture of happy tears and sad tears. The happy tears were because it was so wonderful seeing everyone. Spending time with PT's mother was so very special for me. The sad tears were because the weekend was over and we all had to go our separate ways. I'm so looking forward to the next gathering. I don't think as seniors in high school a person realizes how important your classmates are. At least, I didn't. I'm so glad we went to a fairly small school and knew everyone is our class. Thanks again, PT, for a wonderful
weekend. You really outdid yourself!

TwoDogs said...


Glad that you and Sara Jean are home safe and sound. Wonderful to see both of you again and am looking forward to the next time already. PT's day certainly outshined the rest - but, it is always good to spend time with such great people.

Be safe as always!

Flygirl said...

So glad that you're back home...lots of ground miles in a short time for you two Road Warriors!
The emotional roller coaster ride ended very abruptly for me. Looking back, it's a very dream-like experience. I guess I needed a bit more time with people. I've come away with snips & bits of people...I'm looking forward to seeing everyone again, but for a little longer. I'd like to bring home complete thoughts of everyone. By the way, sorry I did not get a chance to yak more with your, dear SJ! Quite a lady you've got there!
Keep Safe Up There!

Greybeard said...


Thank you all for your comments.
Ferdy and TD, the sadness of having the good times come to an end is tempered by the fact that we'll be doin' it again in October!

And Fly, it was wonderful to see you smilin', looking fit, still possessing that quick wit you had 40+ years ago!
Sorry you didn't get to visit with my Sara Jean.....when you do, I think you'll find
"to know her is to love her".
See you all around the bonfire in the fall!