09 May 2006

Sympathy For the Devil

I'm not happy with George Bush.
He spends money like Ted Kennedy.
The U.S. deficit is out of control, and no remedies appear forthcoming.

I admit to voting for Bush twice,
and, knowing what I know now,
given the choices we had in '04,
I'd vote for him again!

Let me bounce some names off ya.....

The Dixie Chicks,
Sean Penn,
Tim Robbins,
Susan Sarandon,
George Clooney,

Flashback to my war.......Viet Nam in 1968-'69.
A Vietnamese General by the name of Vo Nguyen Giap wrote in his memoirs that the North Vietnamese were ready to surrender to U.S. and South Vietnamese forces until they began to receive aid and comfort from the likes of John Kerry, Jane Fonda, and Walter Cronkite.
When those celebrities comments about the war turned negative, leaders in North Viet Nam decided to watch public opinion in America.
And we know what happened, don't we?
A war we were winning.......
had it in our pocket if we had just had the discipline to finish it,
slipped from our grasp.

How many Americans were killed between the '68 Tet offensive and the withdrawal of our troops in 1973?
I don't know the answer to that question, but I personally knew a few of those guys,
and I know the answer would make me sick to my stomach.

I call your attention to those cowards that won't appear on videotape without wearing a tribal scarf across their faces........do they scare you?
They're afraid to show their faces for a reason!

News reports are now saying that captured internal memos indicate Al Qaeda is in a panic and desperate.....
They know they are getting their posteriors handed to them.
The locals are tired of the bombs going off in the streets........
Residents realize the cause of their problems does not originate with coalition forces.

If I had a son or daughter in Iraq risking his/her life so that some ditzy blonde singer could stand on a stage in Great Britain and use her freedom of speech to say stupid things about our President, I'd be pretty furious.
I'm just one voice, and a small one at that. All I can do is make my thoughts known on my piddly little blog.

But I can also keep my Dollars in my pocket.
No purchase of Dixie Chicks music for me......
No George Clooney movies either.
(Actually, they're so bad I have no desire......)

There has to be a price to pay for aiding and abetting the enemy.
Zarqawi, Zawahiri, and Bin Laden are finely tuned to our Mainstream Media......
every word spoken against our effort in Iraq is EXACTLY equivalent to the words JFK Lite and Jane Fonda provided to encourage our enemy in Viet Nam.

We have to be Marathoners, folks, not Sprinters......
There are 58,000 names carved in a black gash in Washington, D.C........
I would hope that at least we can say their deaths taught us a lesson;
"Don't throw in the towel when you have knocked your opponent down and the referree has reached the count of 9!"
Support your troops by supporting our leaders.

And.........vote with your bucks!
I think I'll see if my son can download "Earl Had to Die" free, off the internet......
That song cracks me up!

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the golden horse said...

Well said GB. Amen.

There seems to be a very fine line between freedom of speech and treason. Depends on how much money you have maybe???

Anyone who cannot support our troops regardless of their feeings about the war, should be shown the door, period.

Dave Starr said...

HHave to say it, your comments were all on target, GB. I don't like Mr. Bush's literal and figurative handholding with his Saudi friends .. his dad and his granddad's "special relationships" with "the kingdom" go back nearly 80 years. Seventeen of the nineteen 9/11 killer were Saudi citizens. All that however is history ... the president of our country leads us and as a citizen and retired military man I support him.

That said I wish we would see something resembling leadership coming out of DC. If the country is at war, then let's act like it. Anti-American comments from entertainers ought not to pass un-answered. They have the right of free speech, but our leaders have the right to respond, not hide behind their press secretaries.
Instead of silly $100 gas giveaway proposals, there ought to be a call for $100 contributions from the citizens to a win the war now (not run away from the war)fund.

Most people today, as you correctly point out, think that we lost the war in Vietnam, rather than the true fact that we gave it away. Let's not give away Iraq ... regardless of the why of how we got into it, we are there, we have already expended thousands of lives, let's get busy and as a country act like we were there to win and then follow up the act with actions.

We have the historical proof (George Marshall, Doug MacArthur) that we could take a conquered, decimated country and make it democratic, safe, flourishing and even (weird thought) US friendly. When will we apply the lessons we already learned? We did not rebuild Japan or Germany by sitting back and watching weak-kneed incapable and reluctant local politicians fail at their attempts to control the rabble.

Mr. Bush, leadership is more than burning brush in Texas ... let's see some.

oleprairiedog said...

My thoughts exactly, my brother, your piddly little blog is reading my mind and I'm glad you said it. I did know that you would of course.

TwoDogs said...

Well said, GB !
Support our Troops and respect all of our Servicemen - past and present.
I firmly believe George can lead - he just need to do it.
The 'Talking Heads' are jabbering again and he is doing too much listening and not enough leading.

Di said...

My daughter loves and sings the Dixie Chicks music, including 'Earl'....too bad these chicks did not stick to performing their music!

Funny thing....I saw a bummer sticker awhile back: 'Earl is in the trunk'!! Ha!!!