01 March 2006

Sara Jean, Addict

Help me, please!

My wife is an addict. I need to know if there is a 12-step program, or some other help for her.

She has found QVC.

It started off innocently enough.......she'd watch while I wasn't home.
Mostly jewelry attracted her attention, but stuff to beautify/improve the house would get her attention too.

She established an account with them, then bragged about how easy it was to buy stuff now that they had all her information......("Yes, that's the credit card number. Yes, that's the address!")

Soon, she was watching nearly all the time she was at home. I knew we were in trouble when she started referring to the hawksters by their first names, as if they were close friends.

Then I noticed the UPS guy was stopping at our house daily.
Now and then it'd be the FedEx guy, just for a change of pace.

New 600 count sheets on the bed.
Foofy soap in the bathroom.
And of course, the jewelry.......
Wow.......the jewelry!

I didn't have to scold her. After about a month, she figured it out herself....(maybe when she looked at her credit card bill.)

She's weaning herself, and I can see signs of withdrawal.
It's painful for her, this cutting back.
I'm proud of her for realizing on her own that she needed to get this problem under control.

I have two questions:
Is there a scientific name for QVC addiction?
Do UPS guys also go through withdrawal symptoms?


the golden horse said...

Congratulations to Sara Jean for self diagnosing and her self help program. I wish her all the luck.
I don't know if there is a specific name for it, but years ago when they first started showing QVC on the telly, our middle daughter would sit in front of the tv for hours in a stupified manner. After a few weeks, we banned it from the home. Thank goodness she wasn't old enough to have a credit card then, I could see serious problems looming ahead.
As for the UPS and Fedex men, well, that probably messed up their day by not getting to see such a pretty lady on their daily route.

Greybeard said...

Thanks GH....I'll pass your compliment along to the pretty lady.

It's funny watching these networks-
the phone calls they take from customers....you can tell many of them are poor little ladies that are just lonely and actually consider QVC, HSN, or one of the other shopping networks as family. They talk about having new babies and other personal stuff as if it matters to these TV shysters.

And then there is the gal that calls in and says, "I have to get this done quick, my husband is about to get home"!
Man, that guy has a real problem in more ways than one!


GB, don't be fooled by the recent decrease in purchasing, it may only be temporary. 12 step programs are useless in these cases, so I suggest a full-on intervention. I'm here for ya!

Purple Tabby said...

I’m not sure I understand the problem, GB.

Sara Jean is buying things for the home and things she needs/likes. She isn’t wasting time walking around the mall nor is she using gasoline to drive from one place to another. Is that correct?

It sounds to me that she is using a cost-effective way to shop. No need for a 12 step program here. Give her another credit card so she can save more money!

Carry on Sara Jean!

(Yes, I’ve had the affliction too. QVC finally started showing things we didn’t need. Plus I had purchased a couple of things that didn’t live up to the hype. I went cold turkey. I’m cured!)

But can you tell me a little more about the jewelry???

Ferdyflyer said...

PT - Are you sure you're cured?!

Greybeard said...

TWD: Thanks man. If we have to go to a full blown, 24 hour watch, I'll need you as back-up!

PT: I'm tryin' to figure out how she can save enough on QVC so we can retire early.
They sure take the pain out with the 3 payment "easypay" plan!

TwoDogs said...


OK, Now, I have to ask,

Have you noticed UPS or Fed Ex drivers stopping by your house without actually delivering anything?? You may have a more serious problem to contend with..
Don't blame Sara Jean, though. I am kind of like GG - they could have easily gotten hooked - one look probably was all it took!

GG - You are going to miss a good time!

Oh, Carry on, Ferdy!

Also, Vandy says he has yet to kiss a chicken (full bird) colonel.
He emphasized YET!!!! I'd be careful if I were you, PT. He is still a charmer!

Purple Tabby said...

So,,, Vandy has never kissed a Full Bird, huh? Well, I have never kissed a Principal either so we're kind of even.

In fact it wasn't on my list of things to do BUT it is NOW!

If you see him before I do, tell him to pucker up!

Greybeard said...

Are we starting a list?
I've never kissed a Principal either!

Lemme think about the Bird Colonel....

the golden horse said...

Yeah, I know I am going to miss a great time, but I am with you in heart and soul. Have a margarite for me.

Ferdyflyer said...

I've never kissed a principal or colonel either. Hadn't really put that on my list of things to do. I did stomp my foot at a colonel down at Ft. Bragg about a week before my son came back from Desert Storm. I do believe I embarrassed my husband that day!

Infinitegtr said...

I have never kissed anyhting in uniform, except for a nightstick...

QVC struck my house hold a few months ago, first luggage, than $60 alarm clocks (2) that WalMart carries for $15. We added up QVC, then subtracted WalMart, added %15 premium to the difference (for me being pissed off), and then discussed how the difference had to come straight out of vacation fund... turns out she wants vacation (and an un-pissed husband) more than she wants QVC...

Aviatrix said...

I heard of someone who, upon discovering a friend passed out drunk in a chair, eschewed the usual shaved eyebrow gag and perpetrated the following.

He moved a telephone to the table next to the victim. Then he retrieved the individual's wallet, and removed a selection of major credit cards, placing wallet and credit cards next to the telephone. Finally, he tuned the TV to the home shopping network, and slipped away.