27 February 2006

Lovely Rita, Meter Maid

The Army had decided it no longer needed my services. I had just gotten married and I had NO idea what I was going to do to make a living.
I had never collected a cent of unemployment insurance, so my new "Georgia Peach" wife and I went to file my claim for unemployment insurance.

The experience was pretty devastating.
I was overqualified for most available jobs. Also, the numbers of unemployed men at this time was pretty high, so competition for what jobs there were was great.

On top of it all, I found that the Army had paid me for two months unused leave, and I wouldn't be eligible for unemployment compensation until those two months had passed.

Our mood was lower than the belly of a snake as we walked back to my wife's Volkswagon Beetle, to find our Parking Meter registering EXPIRED, and a corpulent Meter Maid resting her foot on our bumper writing out a parking ticket. Without looking up from her ticket pad she said, "You're too late."
It was more than I could handle in one day. Something in my head snapped.
I looked at her, then at the out of state license plates on my wife's car, and made a quick decision!

I unlocked the passenger door like a gentleman and let me wife get in the car. Then to "Rita" I said:

"I'll make you a deal.......If you can complete that ticket before I drive off, I'll take it."

She was so stunned she quit writing as I opened my door, seated myself, started the engine, and drove away.
We drove half a block before realizing it was a dead-end street.
I had to turn around and drive back past Rita holding her ticket book.........wife #1 and I laughing almost uncontrollably, giving her a huge, friendly wave as we passed!

After all the irritation and negative news, being a rebel that day sure was good medicine!


The Old Man said...

Shee-yit - you SKATED!. Love to read those small victories, because they're all I ever get...


I had no idea you were a rebel.