10 February 2006

The Great White Hunter

This is a test.

I'm tryin' to make sure I can download pics from my own computer
so I can broaden my inventory of photos to show you.

I terrify geese!

That picture was taken during last year's Goose Roundup.
That's yours truly in the cockpit, gettin' ready to put my headset on.
Purty, huh? (I mean the helicopter!)

The pic was taken at our local fairgrounds, about 3 miles south of where Sara Jean and Greybeard live.
Purty too, huh?

Good friend and great manager of liquids, Terry N. took the picture.
Terry....can ya believe we are just 4 months from doing it again?!



Purple Tabby said...
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Purple Tabby said...

Wait! It's too bright! Let me put on my sunglasses!

Greybeard said...

I have really gotta find those Groucho Marx glasses!