14 February 2006

Another Favor, Please:

Some of you did this for me once before.....
Now I'll ask you to do it once more, and this'll be the last time, I promise!

Friend Lee is a budding Novelist and has entered a short-story contest being given by the Ft. Worth Star Telegram.
(He's in the finals!)

I'd appreciate it if you would lend Lee a hand and go to this link:


Under Lee's Bio, (# 038), find the highlighted words, "Vote here", and click on 'em, then enter the required information...........(takes about 3 minutes).

Look at it this way......the poor guy is lookin' for a major change in his life, and if things work out right, you'll have the warm feeling of knowing you committed a "random act of kindness"!

I'll let ya know how it turns out.




Only took about 15 seconds. I hope he wins!!

Infinitegtr said...

A bazillion bonus points for greybeard and thirdwavedave...


Hey, I'll take bonus points anytime!!

Anonymous said...

Not painful at all. Hope your friend wins.


Anonymous said...

Not to be argumentative but wouldn't this random active kindness for your friend be a random active of evil agains the other poor schmucks who entered as a last best hope for continuing to write?