15 March 2006

The Grand Galveston Fishing Fiasco

I've been fishing three times in all my life.
I've never been able to figure out what the attraction is.
Most of the time, it looks like a great excuse
to drink beer and take a nap.
It's time to devote serious study to the subject.

I'm leaving this morning to meet several High School
classmates in Galveston, Texas.
We are going out in a good-size boat to drink beer, feed bait to the fish, and probably nap.
(One classmate has even threatened to smoke a cigar or two.)
We hope this will be the first of many "G.G.F.F.'s".

No way to know what the computer situation will be once the study begins, but if something blogworthy happens, I'll try to keep you updated.

In the meantime, as Mike Myers would say.........
"Discuss among yourselves!"


Ferdyflyer said...

I can hardly wait to hear your thoughts on the subject. It seems I've been fishing just as many times as you have to date. The first time I was pretty young - maybe 5 or 6. I carried the worms in my hand for my dad. The second time my husband took me fishing in his brother's pond. Apparently I made too much noise and scared the fish away. The third time my husband and I fished in our own pond. He caught two 24" catfish. I kept my mouth shut!


2 24" Cats!! Wow...now that's some goooood eatin'.

Ferdyflyer said...

We fed them every day off the dock. I sorta felt bad about catching them. They trusted us to feed them and watch them eat and swim. When we fished we went to the other side of the pond. I guess it made us feel like we weren't tricking them. They're really fun to watch when they come to the top to eat. They were only about three or four inches long when we got them.


Hey, don't worry about it--pigs feel the same way.