20 November 2005

Super Glue?

Amazing stuff, super glue!
The package says it will glue glass, plastics, metal, ceramics........blah, blah, blah.

A piece of trim on our car was loose. It's one of those "tab in slot" things that irreversibly locks in place when connected. The tab had somehow broken off, and the trim, visible from the driver's seat, vibrated in the slipstream.
Absent replacing the whole piece, bonding it was the only solution.

We keep our super glue in the 'fridge.....I don't know if that preserves it........ but it seems everyone does it, and we don't wanta be different, ya know?
Of course it had been months since we bought it, so it was no longer in liquid form, requiring the purchase of a new tube.

Yesterday, I applied glue to the trim, put a weight on it to hold the two pieces together firmly, and left it six hours to set up.
On the next trip in the car, it vibrated loose and "waved" at me in scorn.

With several years of intermittent research to fall back on, I have come to what I think is an indisputable conclusion:
Super glue is wonderful..........IF you want to glue your
thumb to your index finger.
For other applications, it's pretty much crap!

Immediately after publishing this post,
I was reminded by a nurse (who might know),
about another good use that I've heard of, but thankfully have no personal experience with.........
It involves a peeved wife and a sleeping husband.
I hear if used this way, it is VERY effective!

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