30 November 2005

I Guess I'm Ignorant......

Sitting here now, watching Senator Kerry from Massachusetts responding to the President's speech at the Naval Academy......

Why is it whenever I watch either of the Senators from MA. give a speech, I feel as if I need a disinfecting bath?

If Ms. Sheehan has absolute authority to question our presence in Iraq because of the loss of her son, does my year in Viet Nam give me carte blanche to ask questions about that war?

If so, here are my questions:

A tour of duty in Viet Nam was a year, minimum.
Why did Albert Gore spend only 6 months there?
Did he receive special treatment because someone in his family was a U.S. Senator from Tennessee?

Why did John Kerry spend only 4 months in Viet Nam?
(I know, this has been flogged to death already,
but my real question is why he didn't want to go back to his unit after recuperating from his flesh wound?) Could his lack of loyalty to his troops be an indication of his character?

And why has he STILL not signed his SF180 so the general public can find the truth about his Viet Nam service and the status of his discharge?
What is he hiding there?

Inquiring minds want,
need to know!


Infinitegtr said...

The thing that has always bothered me about Sheehan... her son, I have read, volunteered for the service. It is one thing to protest against a war that took her (volunteer) son's life. It is another thing altogether to say some of the truly bizarre things she has over the last year.

I did not serve, and cannot throw a stone without breaking a glass wall. Kerry and Gore will have to make peace with their own gods regarding their "service". Bush needs to make a seperate peace with the American people for using pretty soft intelligence to justify the invasion. As a country, we have to come to terms with our collective weak-kneed inability to choose security of the sovereign over glad-handing of every two-bit tin-pot dictator anf RPG toting insurgent who is pissed at us because he is broke and can't read nor cipher. Kerry and Gore, and their lot, are not the folks to lead us through that dilemma.

Rubberducky1.0 said...

I love you guys!

TwoDogs said...

If you are just watching on TV - you probably wouldn't actually need a bath. If you were watching from the floor of the Senate - I would question it. What is he hiding???? What was Teddy hiding until the next morning????
The same thing as Clinton's "What is the meaning of 'is'?"
The same as Sheehan/Massey - Not much 'truth to power' there, either. She has a whole lot of undesirable around her. Most not telling the truth.