20 November 2005

Blogroll Editing

Just as you can tell the political leanings of News sources by what they present, the emphasis they put on what they present, and sometimes what they DON'T present, your blogroll says something about Weblogs you read and would like others to review. It's a view into your character and personality.

I think it would take an astute observer of this Blog to notice the changes I have made in my Blogroll over the last few weeks. I've added a couple Blogs and removed a couple I used to really like.

One of the ones I removed was
  • Powerline

  • I loved Powerline. I still run by there now and then to check on goings-on, but I de-listed them from my blogroll for good reason.......

    There was a great deal of chatter after Hurricane Katrina about how much "Pork" Congress was gonna be spending. One of the most contentious projects was the "Bridge to nowhere" in Alaska.

  • Story Here

  • When pressure began to mount on Senators to review spending in light of all the hurricane damage, Senator Stevens from Alaska said, (and I'm paraphrasing here), "If Alaska is the ONLY State money is cut from, I will resign from this body."

    John Hinderaker from Powerline quoted Senator Stevens as saying, "If they cut money from Alaska, I will resign", and challenged him to put up or shut up.

    Hinderaker is a Lawyer in Minneapolis/St. Paul, and lists his office phone number, so I called and left a message on his answering machine, informing him of the misquote.

    One of the things I love about Blogs is that if someone posts BS,
    BS detectors go off everywhere, and mistakes, particularly at the major Blogs, and Powerline is certainly one of those, are corrected VERY rapidly.

    I expected John to correct the quote, or post an update to correct the post, within 24 hours.
    He didn't.
    I was disappointed.

    This whole "Blog" thing is changing rapidly, but I truly believe in the not-too-distant future more people will be relying on Blogs and the internet for their news than TV or Radio.
    Do you check Drudgereport often, as I do?
    Google news? MSN's Slate.com?

    I hope my Blogroll indicates how important facts are.

    Accuracy is important.
    Ask Dan Rather.

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    Facts are a funny thing. Thanks for the solid comments at my site. I think you have Paul confused after your last comment.