04 November 2005

Are We Paying Attention?

There are terrible riots going on in Paris.
There are reports of similar rioting in Denmark.

Experts I am reading are frightened by these events, because,
in the case of France, they don't have the money,
or the attitude, to fix the problem.
So it may get worse......much worse.

We need to keep an eye on this situation.

If you have been ignoring the news, or if you haven't been paying attention to the Muslimization of Europe, do yourself a favor:

Go to Google.
In the search block, type: Malmo Sweden Muslims

Read the results.
Then you'll be paying closer attention.

And I'll reiterate........if you're not reading the blogs, you're not getting the real news!

Update 4Nov:
Need more proof?

Hat tip.....Little Green Footballs!


Rubberducky1.0 said...

Ya, heard about that crash up by Eager, AZ. On the Eastern side of the state, the town is part of the transition zone from the desert to Colorado plateau, so it’s quite mountainous and not much in the way for emergency landing spots. That area is quite bad for crashes do to not enough attention to DA and claims planes all the time. Truly is a shame, and from what I heard the way the helo left the airport should have been a clue for the pilot not to continue on the flight. One of those 20/20 hindsight things I guess.

Golden Girl said...

Greybeard, you must stop listening to the news!

I know this because I've been away for a few days to a small town that does not get cable, no one has cell phones, and email is a "what will they think of next" kind of thing. People still wave at each other when they pass on the road. No one was paying attention to anything outside that little farm town

My blood pressure dropped, sleeping was great and there were a host of other benefits.

I have no control over those idiots in Washington, no control over bird flu, global warming, and European Muslims. They don’t pay attention to me and I’m thinking that I’m better off not paying attention to them.

But I'm pretty sure we're having chili for supper.

I have to sort out what I can deal with and making chili is about it for today. Maybe tomorrow I’ll start paying attention again,,,,, but not today

Greybeard said...

Ahh, dear GG, thank you for the concern!

And I truly wish it were possible to go back to "John Boy" country where we were raised and live that life again.

But we can't afford that, can we?

Too many people now get their news from "The Daily Show", or Jay Leno.

Leno does a bit where he goes out on the street and asks passersby simple history questions. Have you seen it? Hilarious. But SCARY.
Scary, because I know those people are getting their news from "The Daily Show", and "Tonight with Jay Leno", and don't have any idea of the lies and almost lies they are being told by "Hollywood" types. I also have a pretty good feel for which party they vote for if they show up at the polling atation.

And the only way to counter that is by insuring we are informed, and we make our vote count on election day.

So, goodbye "Mayberry", hello "West Wing".

Make ya a deal though.....continue to comment here, and I promise to take deep breaths and remember that "I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and doggone it, people like me!"

Golden Girl said...

<<"I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and doggone it, people like me!" >>
Truer words were never spoken, Greybeard.

I know you are right, that we have to keep up with world events and hear as many sides of the story as we can.

And you have a deal, that is that I will continue to comment but you're going to have to do a lot of remedial education for me. There is just so much I don't get, ya know??

I mean, I had no idea Argentina thought we wanted to invade them! Who knew!? Don't we have our hands full now?

Well, that's just the tip of the iceberg of things I don't understand.

You are right about the guys on Leno; they are truly scary. I like to think they just represent "California Thinkin'" but some of it is closer to home.

I recently waltzed some young ladies around Dallas for a few days. They were all college educated but they didn’t know what Dealey Plaza was let alone the grassy knoll or the book depository! :::sigh:::

And so it goes.....

Mike said...

I felt a little guilty because I got some pleasure out of the riots in France.

It is horrible to feel pleased that people are suffering, but there was a sense of satisfaction that the French are finally having to deal first-hand with the terrorist threats of our world.

Will they help us now? No. Will we help them? Probably.

Should we? I don't know.